Technology is a powerful tool that helps us manage our precious resources — through smart grids, efficient data centers and electronic health records — to name a few examples. While technology can change the world for the better, we must also ensure we minimize the environmental impact of the products we make while helping our customers further reduce the impact of their IT.

At Dell, we are committed to helping customers compute more while consuming less and design next-generation solutions that can make a positive impact on the world we share.
Design for Environment
Designing Greener Products We design all Dell products and solutions with the environment in mind and without sacrificing performance or reliability. We're committed to developing innovative products that help you do more while minimizing your environmental impact.
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Reducing our Impact
Build We're committed to minimizing the impact of our operations and those of our supply chain on the planet and the communities we live and work in. Central to this idea is the practice of using resources efficiently and managing wastes effectively.
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Green Packaging and Shipping
Packaging and Shipping Dell's industry-leading packaging solutions focus on reducing packaging volume, increasing the use of sustainable content and making it easy for you to responsibly dispose of packaging through recycling or even composting.
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Reducing your Footprint
Using Green IT We go beyond green IT — technology that itself leaves a smaller environmental footprint — to help you look at IT that enables you to address your sustainability goals and take control of your resources in a way that creates value.
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Recycling your Dell
Recycling Around the globe, we offer easy, responsible recycling options for businesses and free options for consumers, which help keep more electronic equipment out of landfills and your personal stockpiles.
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