ProDeploy Client Suite

ProDeploy Client Suite

Deploy PCs with greater speed and less effort.

Trust Dell EMC experts and partners to lead deployments from project management through planning, configuration and integration.

We deploy new technology every day so in addition to being fast and thorough, we avoid common mistakes that can cost time and money. And by using the TechDirect portal to define the scope of your project, configure systems and check status, execution will be faster, more consistent and efficient.

ProDeploy Client ProDeploy Plus is a comprehensive service providing every task required to get new PCs from factory to desk, up and running. And to make sure employees remain productive, you get 30 days of post-deployment support. 
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ProDeploy With ProDeploy, you’ll experience a shift from a labor intensive implementation to light-touch deployment enabled by robust upfront planning and automating configuration tasks in the factory.
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Basic Deployment Basic Deployment saves you time and resources by having systems arrive imaged, configured and ready for you to install.
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