Optimized Deployment

Reduce deployment costs

What if you could roll out new PCs across your entire enterprise while reducing deskside setup time by up to 88 percent.

What if your deployment process could diminish spikes in network traffic and minimize disruption to end-user productivity?

And what if your entire IT staff could spend more time on making your business run at top speed?

With Dell Services, you can do all this and more. Your project begins with a comprehensive assessment of your environment and an evaluation of your readiness to migrate or deploy. You’ll also be alerted to any key infrastructure components that should be updated or put in service to enable a fully automated OS migration or system deployment.

Based on this insight, you’ll get a detailed plan to implement a Dell Optimized Deployment that will reduce cost, save time and mitigate risk. We simplify logistics by pre-staging all content required on each PC's hard drive during the factory build. This means you can have any PC delivered to any user and then automatically configured for that user’s exact requirements, thus eliminating the need to track a specific PC from the factory to a specific end user’s desk.

Dell uses patent-pending tools and processes to increase automation, which eliminates manual steps that often contribute to variability and errors. This also reduces deskside technician time by up to 88 percent. With Dell optimised deployment you can undertake the transfer of images, applications, settings and data at the end user’s desk, which can eliminate an estimated 70 percent of the network bandwidth required for OS migration or PC deployments.

Seamlessly integrate Dell KACE into the Dell Optimized Deployment service

With the KACE K2000, you’ll find it easy to manage and send updated gold master images to the factory for initial deployment. Once the machines are received, the K2000 validates the factory images and handles any user-state migration tasks and any post-deployment tasks. Using the K2000 drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly add or remove tasks from any deployment and allow your IT administrators to easily and quickly distribute different software configurations within their organizations. In this way, the base image and the applications are managed separately.

To get started, please contact your Dell representative.