ProDeploy Plus for Client Systems

Relinquish the tedium, not the control.

From the comfort of your office and with the click of a mouse, you can use TechDirect to manage every task required to get new PCs from our factory to your employees’ desk, up and running. Our self service portal puts full control in your hands and real-time status updates at your finger tips. Your engagement manager becomes your single point of contact for project management including up-front planning, configuration, data migration and knowledge transfer.

ProDeploy Plus: 
  • TechDirect portal for configuration and status updates 
  • Factory distribution point for system management software* such as SCCM and MDT configuration and system imaging
  • 30-day post-deployment configuration support
  • 24 x 7 onsite installation
  • Data Sanitization* on legacy PC prevents data excursions
  • User setting and data migration
  • Knowledge transfer
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