Reducing Your Footprint

Energy efficiency matters to us all. It reduces costs, helps meet sustainability goals and helps reduce risks. It’s not just what you save, though. Energy efficient products, software and services are key enablers of your operations and can help you use resources more intelligently.

Regardless of how you use technology, you trust that Dell is delivering on our promise of energy efficiency and we keep this top of mind. It’s important enough that Dell has a goal of reducing the average energy intensity of our entire product portfolio by 80% (2012-2020).

Explore the different ways Dell’s commitment to energy efficiency benefits you.

energy efficiency white paperDriving Energy Efficiency
Our goal to reduce the average energy intensity of our entire product portfolio by 80 percent (2012-2020) is our ambitious stake in the ground. So far, we’ve reduced it 60 percent. Read the interim progress report or the summary report to see what we’ve learned.
power and coolingPower and Cooling
Data proliferation and increasing demands for faster processing can quickly overheat and exhaust IT investments. Dell power and cooling solutions incorporate years of comprehensive research and development to get you the performance you need to compute more and consume less.

air coolingFresh Air
Rising energy costs and regulations compound the expenses of cooling your data center, but you can reduce the financial and environmental impact. Dell Fresh Air 2.0-capable hardware performs at higher temperatures and can be cooled by clean outside air.
Dell EMC fully automated storage tiering (FAST) automatically moves active data to high-performance storage tiers and inactive data to low-cost, high-capacity storage tiers. The result is higher performance, lower costs, and a denser footprint than conventional systems.

Virtualization decouples software and services from hardware and reduces power use, conserves space and resources, provides greater system flexibility and provides a greater return on investment. It also requires fewer management touchpoints, has increased security and better complies with privacy policies.
toolsEnergy Tools
Dell helps customers achieve their own environmental goals. The series of tools helps IT professionals assess their current operations and uncover ways to improve.

eco-labelsProcurement standards, eco-labels
Eco-labels and procurement tools help customers understand various attributes of products, like energy efficiency. Dell is one of the most engaged manufacturers in the various industry programs and stood with the US EPA when they launched ENERGY STAR in 1992.
csr reportFY18 CSR Report
Our annual report on how we're doing good for people and the planet.