Design for Environment

From design to end-of-life and everything in between, Dell actively applies sustainability thinking to the lifecycle of our products and services. This includes embracing the circular economy – not just in theory but by actually making it work for us and our customers. We aim to increase the longevity of our products, source materials in ways that drive the circular economy, and meet the rigorous environmental standards our customers expect.

the circular economyThe Circular Economy
Extending product lifecycles, choosing sustainable materials and encouraging reuse/recycling are the first line in transitioning to the circular economy. We must go beyond materials, however to tap into the full potential of the circular economy.
innovative materialsInnovative Material Choices
We focus on using materials with sustainability benefits while avoiding those that may pose a potential risk.

design for the environmentDesign for the Environment
Our Design for Environment program takes a holistic view of the entire lifecycle, ensuring sustainability at every step of the way.
eco-labelsProcurement Standards, Eco-Labels
Various tools exist to help customers understand the sustainability attributes of products and the companies that make them. Dell is committed to making it easy for you to understand what to look for.

energy efficiencyEnergy Efficiency
By continually improving the energy intensity of our products and offering services that help you compute more while consuming less, we help customers meet environmental, operational and financial goals.
data sheetsProduct Environmental Data Sheets
Access Product Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Environmental Datasheets for your Dell and DellEMC products.

lifecycleSelect Lifecycle Assessments
In 2010, we started tracking the carbon footprint of select products. Subsequent studies have been calculated for multiple regions in accordance with industry standards for measuring a product’s total environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.
policiesPolicies and Positions
Review Dell policies and positions on various social and environmental topics, as well as copies of various ISO certifications.

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