Reducing our Impact

We firmly believe that technology plays a special role in driving human progress – that the good it can do in the world is 10x greater than the footprint of making and using technology. Traditionally, the environmental impact of how consumers use our products has accounted for the bulk of that footprint. But as energy efficiency improvements continue, how a product is made is becoming even more important. That’s why we focus on reducing our impact across the value chain, taking action against climate change, striving for zero-waste manufacturing and driving sustainability across the business.

It’s more than just an environmental strategy – it’s good business.

climate change Climate change
The economic, social and environmental challenges presented by climate change cannot be ignored. Dell supports efforts to meet the widely-accepted global goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases to limit the increase in global temperatures to below 2°C.
net positive Net Positive
Our strategy isn't to just reduce the bad we do, but to increase the good. Creating a balance that puts more into the world and society than what we take from it is creating a net positive.

zero waste Zero-waste manufacturing
Wasted resources are wasted money. The two go hand-in-hand. Dell has always focused on a highly efficient manufacturing and operational processes and we consistently reuse or recycle more than 97 percent of solid waste in our manufacturing.
renewable energy Renewable energy
Electricity makes up the largest proportion of our facilities’ greenhouse gas emissions portfolio, so we focus our efforts on optimizing our energy use and increasing our purchases of renewably generated electricity.

sustainability Culture of sustainability
We are transforming the way a 21st century company thinks and acts, embedding sustainability and working together to drive positive change on campus and in our communities.
plant a tree Plant a Tree program
Restoring natural habitats, protecting wildlife refuges, and reducing environmental impact – the benefits of Dell’s Plant a Tree program are immense. We support these programs to decrease our impact  and make it easy for customers to donate as well.

csr report  FY18 CSR Report
Our annual report on how we're doing good for people and the planet.
iso certification ISO Certifications
Dell's operations and businesses have earned certifications in a number of important areas, including quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, and IT security management systems.