Rescue Lost or Damaged Data With Expert Recovery Services

You can’t afford to lose the valuable data stored on your hard drive. But sometimes, accidents happen — a virus can wipe out your files, a power surge can damage your hard drive, or a spilled cup of coffee can render your PC inoperable.

Dell ProSupport™ Hard Drive Data Recovery can maximize your chances of successfully retrieving data from a damaged hard drive or corrupted file structure. If a hard drive fails, or data becomes corrupted, you can return the hard drive to Dell and we will:

  • Send you a replacement hard drive so you can continue to use the PC
  • Attempt to recover data from the failed hard drive. Our experts will carefully dismount, examine and process your system as needed
  • Rebuild the drive, if necessary, within a dust-free, clean-room environment
  • Give you the ability to track the status of the data recovery process, through the use of a secure online portal
  • Provide multiple options for you to receive recovered data, such as a USB key or USB-connected hard drive

Hard Drive Data Recovery can provide a cost-effective way to protect your organization from the loss of critical data. It is available for select Dell computer systems under warranty¹ as part of the Dell ProSupport suite of enhanced support services.


¹ Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit