Free* and responsible recycling options

If it takes 1,000 years or more for one ink or toner cartridge to decompose inside a landfill, doesn't it make sense to responsibly recycle all of your Dell ink and toner cartridges — for free* — with us? For single-printer consumers or multiple-printer business users, Dell offers optimized solutions that enable our customers to recycle their used Dell cartridges responsibly.

Prepaid ink label Prepaid ink label
If you need to recycle a significant
number of ink cartridges, our ink label
option is ideal. Simply pack up to 300
ink cartridges per box you supply,
print a label for each box and ship the
box(es) to us.
 Prepaid single-unit toner label Prepaid single-unit toner label
For toner users who occasionally
need to recycle, we offer this option
that even recycles packaging. Just
drop your old toner cartridge into
your new toner cartridge packaging,
print a label and send the package
to us.
Home and Home Office Label
Prepaid toner label Prepaid toner label
If you’re looking to recycle multiple
toner cartridges, our toner label is a
great option. All you need to do is
pack up to 20 toner cartridges per box
you supply, print the label(s) and ship
the box(es) to us.
 Ink and Toner recycling - Palette

Free* toner pallet pickup
If you’re a large business and regularly recycle toner cartridges, we have a bulk option with on-site pickup. Simply pack up to 20 cartridges per box you supply, four boxes to a layer, up to three layers tall, with a maximum weight of 150 kilograms. Then schedule a pallet pickup.

*Depending on the remote area of the province/territory in which you reside, this recycling service may not be available through this program and/or may not be available for free. Please contact for more information.
**Bulk transportations and local responsible recycling reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide known as Co2 emissions.