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According to StEP (Solving the E-Waste Problem), an estimated 65.1 million tons of damaged, obsolete or simply unwanted electronic devices were discarded as e-waste in 2012. Much of what we call “e-waste” is not waste at all but rather whole electronic equipment or parts that can gain new life through reuse or recycling. As a global producer of computer products, a local citizen of the communities we serve, and a steward of the planet we share, Dell has a responsibility to recover used electronics and recycle them properly. By recycling products safely, we protect the health of people and the planet. Dell provides multiple convenient recycling options for customers to safely dispose their end-of-life computer equipment and lower their environmental footprint.

Recycling for BusinessDell Asset Resale and Recycling

Dell helps businesses recycle their used equipment responsibly while ensuring sensitive information never falls in the wrong hands.

 Pick-up recycling servicsPick-up Recycling Services

Recycle your Dell and non-Dell used electronics responsibly without ever leaving your home. 

 Ink and TonerPrinter Supplies Recycling
Free* and responsible ways to recycle your Dell ink and toner cartridges. 
 find dell recycling programs by provinceFind Recycling Programs by Province
Find out your province's recycling regulation and related provincial programs.
Recycling FAQRecycling FAQ
Get answers to all your questions on recycling, e-waste and green IT.
environmental policies and complianceEnvironmental Policies and Compliance
Dell maintains specific policies for recycling old equipment.
Global TakeBack Leadership Global Takeback Leadership
Dell is committed to creating the most effective Global Takeback program possible. We’re managing the impact of our products through legislative advocacy, convenient volunteer programs and demonstrated industry leadership while serving communities around the world. 
* Depending on the remote area of the province/territory in which you reside, this recycling service may not be available through this program and/or may not be available for free. Please contact Recycling_Canada@dell.com for more information.

Global Recycling

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