Dell and Oracle — Technology Alliance Partners

Your Oracle data processing platform is the lifeblood of your business, and deploying, maintaining and operating that system can present a wide range of challenges. The biggest of these is figuring out how to focus your staff on managing the data, not on managing the minutiae of configuration, implementation and day to day operations. Dell understands these challenges, and can offer customers choices that will reduce not only the time and effort in finding the right platform, but also reduce risks in choosing the best platform.


Dell has been building and researching certified and tested Oracle platform solutions for over 20 years, with leadership in x86 technologies and clustered implementations. Over the years, our own internal usage of Oracle database and application software has translated that relationship into significant benefits for our customers. Technical certification is a foregone conclusion, with Dell servers listed on the Oracle Hardware Certification Lists (HCL) and on the Oracle Validated Configurations list (VC) that are all qualified to run Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. But certification goes far beyond these base levels. Dell offers Tested and Validated solutions for other operating environments, with complete guidance for deployment and configuration. These qualifications serve as a reassurance to customers that their configuration has been tested and is enterprise-ready.


Deploy a solid Oracle solution by partnering with an industry leader. With the broadest technology portfolio spanning personal systems, software, services and IT infrastructure, Dell delivers solutions for customers’ most complex challenges in every region of the world. This combined with our exceptional ProSupport services and Dell Financing makes it easier for organizations to get started today.

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