Declarations and Certification

Declarations and Certifications

EPEAT registered where applicable/supported - see: Desktops, Monitors, Notebooks, Workstations, Thin Client and Tablets/Slates for registration status by country.

Dell’s Energy Star qualified products are listed on the EPA website here.

Information on Dell’s participation in various Eco-labels and Green Standards can be found here.

TCO Certified

Any Dell™ product bearing the TCO Certified label has been certified to meet all criteria in the voluntary sustainability certification. TCO Certified criteria focus on sustainability features throughout the product life cycle, including recyclable design, energy efficiency, ergonomics, emissions, avoidance of hazardous substances, and product take back as well as socially responsible manufacturing.

For more information on your Dell product and TCO Certified, please visit: www.dell.com/environment/TCO
For more information on the TCO Certified sustainability certification,, please visit: www.TCODevelopment.com
For more information on TCO Certified Package document, please click here.

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