Financing and Leasing

Reduce your total costs of ownership with Dell Financial Services Solutions.

IT has become far more than a support function. Organizations look to IT to generate revenue or at least to find savings in efficiency. Let the wealth of leasing and financing options from Dell™ Financial Services help you find opportunities in decisions your organization faces regarding capital expenditures, operating expenditures and cash flow.
Whether your priority is to conserve capital, obtain flexible payments, avoid tapping credit, or replace obsolete equipment, Dell Financial Services has a plan for you.
Dell Financial Services can help you protect against equipment failure, free up IT budget and increase productivity by leasing and rotating hardware .
operating lease Operating Lease
Contain your budget and get the most efficient technology for your needs. Nearly 50 percent of companies surveyed said they planned to rely more on leasing than they had in the previous year — discover why. 
finance lease  Finance Lease
Ideal for managing cash flow, the Finance lease allows you to pay for technology in low, budgeted payments. At the end of the term, equipment is purchased for a nominal amount.
loans Loans
Complement both lease types; especially for software & services to provide complete solution financing.
end of lease options End of Lease Options
Reach your lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) by making end-of-lease decisions based on your technical needs, budget and the equipment's operational capabilities. End-of-lease resources include Lease Return Services
  1. Lease Return Services

    Increase your productivity with Lease Return Services from Dell Financial Services.

  2. Dell Financial Services (DFS)

    Dell Financial Services (DFS)

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