Green Packaging and Shipping

We ship approximately 8.4 units per second. At that volume, it is imperative to design our packaging and shipping processes around efficiency and waste minimization. This opens an opportunity for innovation – helping all our customers reduce their waste through creative design, innovative material choices and better logistics. We take a lifecycle approach without losing sight of protecting the products and continually measure our performance to ensure we are right-sizing our packaging while minimizing our logistics footprint.

3 cs of packaging3 Cs of Packaging Design
We are committed to developing innovative solutions that reduce waste. Our 3 Cs packaging strategy focuses on the cube (the size of our packaging), content (the material choices), and the curb (whether it qualifies as curbside recyclable).
bambooInnovative materials: bamboo packaging
Dell was the first technology company to use bamboo cushions to replace foam. The rapidly renewable material is light, strong and grows back at up to an inch per hour.

mushroomInnovative materials: mushroom cushions
By injecting mushroom spores into a mold with agricultural wastes for a food source, we are actually growing cushions that serve as an organic, compostable alternative to foams for certain larger shipments.
ocean plasticsInnovative materials: ocean plastics
With more than 8 million metric tons of plastic entering our seas each year, stemming the flood of wastes into the ocean is everyone’s business. We are sourcing plastics from coastal areas to make new packaging.

logisticsBetter logistics
While packaging innovation is important to reducing footprint, it must be paired with an efficient approach to moving products and materials. We are a proud participant in the EPA’s SmartWay program and focus on optimizing our logistics network.
recyclingRecycle your packaging
Nobody wants to be left with packaging waste. Still, you want your products to arrive safely. Many of our packaging materials are recyclable (depending on location), compostable, or both.