Dell EMC Enterprise Copy Data Analytics (“eCDA”) Supplemental Terms

(Supplemental Terms to the Dell EMC Cloud Services Terms of Service)


What is eCDA?

eCDA is a cloud analytics platform that provides a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of your data protection operations and infrastructure. In addition to a comprehensive, global information view displaying current protection status, eCDA will leverage historical data and leverages existing telemetry data already being sent to Dell EMC to identify anomalies and generate actionable insights for you that will allow you to more efficiently manage your protection infrastructure.

eCDA provides IT leaders with these capabilities as a cloud-based analytics service designed to invoke data-driven insights into the risk, efficiency, and cost of their data protection infrastructure, including Dell EMC Data Domain.  

eCDA Anonymous Data Sharing for Peer Benchmark Comparisons

Peer Comparison and Industry Benchmarking is a feature that allows you to compare your eCDA collected data with aggregated industry data from other companies. This provides valuable context while allowing your company to remain anonymous. For example, this feature helps you to set meaningful targets, gain insight into trends occurring across your industry, and find out how you are doing compared to similar organizations of size, scope, and industry.

As part of your paid subscription to eCDA, you can opt in to automatically share certain data about your data protection environmental performance, efficiency, and deployment configuration with Dell EMC. Dell EMC makes your data anonymous before it is included with data from other companies. Dell EMC uses this data to make decisions about future product development.

To see Bench-marking data, you must enable participation in the Peer Benchmark Comparisons feature to “Share your data Anonymously with Dell EMC and others.” Once you do this, your data is included in the Peer Comparison Benchmarks. The data you share (including information about the account from which it is shared) is anonymous.

Anonymized data is not tied to customer accounts, and is used only in aggregate for analysis. Data received is securely stored, with access restricted to aggregate analyses only. License IDs collected are used only to verify that data is received from a valid Dell EMC product, and to help analyze how different Dell EMC products are being deployed across the population of Dell EMC customers.  

Opt in or out

You can opt in or out at any time within the eCDA Portal Settings.

If you opt out, the searches that gather and share the data on your system do not run, and no data is sent to Dell EMC. However, if you choose to opt out, then you will not be able to participate in the Peer Benchmark Comparisons capability.  

What data is collected?

Below is a partial list of data Dell EMC would collect and anonymously:

  • Model Numbers
  • Serial Numbers
  • OS Versions
  • Capacity Information
  • Performance Data
  • Application Data Types

Storing and Deleting Data

All data included in the Service will be stored in the United States. EMC reserves the right to change the location where data is stored.

Notwithstanding the terms of Section 11.6 (Customer’s Content Upon Termination), you do not have the direct ability to delete data from eCDA, but you may request that EMC delete some or all of your data at any time, and EMC will do so within a reasonable time.

rev. 04262017