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Meet MithuWhen did you join EMC and what roles have you held in your time here?

I joined EMC in November 2013 as the Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Global Presales. I work closely with corporate, go-to-market and product teams to align and evolve our global presales organization. In August 2015 I moved into the role of the Presales lead for our Americas business. I now lead the field Service Engineer (SE) teams that support our customers every day.

What inspires you about our culture?

The EMC culture is truly unique, and our greatest asset. Three things clearly stand out and inspire me– first, even in a company of this size and scale, every employee has the opportunity to have an impact, and truly believe that they do! This is reflected in the pride employees take in their work, and the enthusiasm they bring every day. Next, the autonomy that is built into the way we operate and run is truly inspiring, and has allowed for innovation to become ingrained in our fabric as a company. Finally – the leadership at every level. We have the best leaders in the industry, who excel at what they do, and are yet so humble and approachable. Truly inspiring!

Are you a member of any affinity circles at EMC? What role have you played and/or how have you benefitted from them?

I am an active participant in promoting diversity at EMC, and work closely with the Women’s Leadership Forum chapters across the board. The affinity circles have been awesome in promoting “grass roots” efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

What makes you excited about the future possibilities of Dell?

Everything! The possibilities with Dell are endless, and to me – that in itself is exciting. I am truly looking forward to being part of biggest private technology enterprise of our times. We are going to be part of something that has not been done before and I am looking forward to the journey. Being part of Dell is going to give us all the opportunity to learn, grow and enhance our skills tremendously, and ultimately deliver and unparalleled set of solutions and services to our customers.

What do you think people interested in working here need to know?

If you are the best at what you do, if you are looking to be challenged, and to elevate and thrive in a collaborative working environment – EMC is the place for you. You get to work with and learn from the best and build a fulfilling, successful career.

What role have you played in helping your customers grow and thrive?

My goal has been to work with customers to understand their business and IT objectives, and understand how EMC can help lead them through their digital transformation journey. IT is evolving to be a key to revenue generation for businesses, and EMC plays a critical role in making this happen for our customers. Customer input is critical to our product/solution roadmap, so I spend time in my role working with customers to understand their challenges, and influencing direction based on customer feedback.

What makes this a great place to work?

We really do have it all – Top industry talent, the best technology and an unparalleled culture!!

Describe your experience here using 5 words.

Outstanding. Enriching. Elevating. Positive. Life-changing.

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