SupportAssist for PCs at Home

    Premium Support Plus customers enjoy the full set of SupportAssist features.


Dell is the first in the PC industry to offer automated proactive and predictive support. The technology behind this streamlined experience is SupportAssist*, which is installed on your PC to ensure it’s always running at its best.

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Premium Support Plus customers enjoy the full set of SupportAssist features.

Premium Support Plus and SupportAssist help you get issues resolved up to 46%* faster compared to Dell Basic Hardware Service by automatically detecting the issue and proactively notifying Dell to begin resolving it, many times before you notice symptoms.

This technology is included with all Dell support plans but features vary based on your service plan level. If you have Premium Support Plus, you will enjoy the full set of SupportAssist features including:
  • Proactively finds issues and contacts Dell while notifying you
  • Optimizes PC performance automatically
  • Predicts hard drive, battery and solid state drive issues before the problem starts
  • Automated removal of viruses and malware
Regardless of your service plan, SupportAssist allows you to:
  • Access your service plan details, owner’s manual, and a list of common issues and their solutions
  • Run diagnostic scans to check PC hardware health
  • Stay up-to-date with driver and software update recommendations
  • Request support at any time
  • Easily find Dell Technical Support’s call, chat or email details

Most Dell PCs already have SupportAssist installed. Search “SupportAssist” in your Windows start menu to find it or download now. Watch these SupportAssist videos and review the User Guide for more details.
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