Data Management

Manage disparate data environments
Data volume, variety and stores — such as Hadoop and NoSQL platforms — have increased data management complexity. Effective data management is critical to optimal online transaction processing and big data analytics success. To meet this challenge, Dell solutions support traditional relational databases and structured, semistructured and unstructured data types — both on-premise and in the cloud.

Simplify key tasks
From traditional relational databases to Hadoop clusters, Dell offers end-to-end solutions that cover the database management process. We can help you develop high-quality optimized code, administer and proactively maintain multiple databases from a variety of vendors, and monitor and analyze database activity. Our solutions also help you replicate databases to ensure high availability and fast recovery, and reduce risk.

Database development and administration
Ease development, administration, monitoring, analytics, replication and backup. Toad for Oracle enables you to employ database best practices in code quality, performance and maintainability. It also enables you to automate repetitive tasks to ensure high database administrator (DBA) productivity. Toad tools reside on the end user’s desktop where they can install, connect and get to work in a matter of minutes.

Simplify Hadoop platform management
Regardless of your Hadoop adoption, experience or expertise, Dell solutions can support you. Start testing, deploy advanced in-memory solutions or enterprise-ready Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop, accelerated by Intel®. Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop is an end-to-end solution comprised of Dell servers, networking, software and optional services. Its reference architectures provide tested configurations and known performance characteristics to speed deployment.

Hadoop QuickStart
Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop pinpoints strategies for fast Hadoop deployment, testing and analysis. It includes PowerEdge servers, Cloudera Enterprise Basic Edition and Dell services. Near-real-time analytics require systems that handle interactive in-memory workloads on streaming data. Dell, Cloudera and Intel developed the turnkey Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise to simplify and accelerate Hadoop cluster deployments.

Database monitoring and analytics
Improve service levels by monitoring, measuring and analyzing transactions that connect users to database resources. With Dell Spotlight and Foglight, DBAs can easily detect and diagnose performance issues, receive instant alerts of bottlenecks and diagnose the root cause. They can also create dashboards and reports to analyze the issue on hand.

Database replication and backup
Replicate and back up your databases to ensure business continuity and minimize risk. Dell SharePlex software replicates multiple copies of data that is on-site, remote or in the cloud. It also optimizes the use of data warehouse and BI applications. Dell AppAssure and Dell LiteSpeed for SQL Server software solutions enable you to accelerate backup and recovery, and dramatically reduce storage requirements for Microsoft® SQL Server® databases.

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