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Financing is no longer just the tool you use to acquire the IT you need, conserve capital and control costs. Now financing from Dell Financial Services is helping organisations to accelerate business transformation by building competitive edge, exploiting new routes to market and enabling the future-ready workforce.
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Welcome to DFS

Welcome to DFS

Welcome to enabling transformation.

Dell Financial Services has the most comprehensive global IT financing portfolio in the industry. With nearly 20 years’ experience and with tens of thousands of customers in over 50 countries, Dell Financial Services bring a unique perspective to the market, combining a comprehensive and unparalleled knowledge of financing with an in-depth IT expertise, funding over $6 billion in technology investments annually.

Dell Financial Services deliver advantages and capabilities that make it easier for you to utilize the financing process and transform business:

- IT finance expertise
The combination of financing professionals and being part of Dell EMC provide a unique in-depth understanding of the IT environment.

- Master Lease Agreement (MLA)
An MLA considerably reduces administration and enables IT acquisition with a single agreement, without renegotiation of terms and conditions and with a single invoice per month across all agreements. More

- European/Global Master Lease Agreement (EMLA/GMLA)
In addition to the MLA benefits, customers with multinational presence can have the benefit of our European Master Lease Agreement (EMLA) for European coverage or Global Master Lease Agreement (GMLA) for global coverage to streamline and manage multi-vendor hardware and software leasing through a single framework lease agreement. More

- End-to-end service
A single solution for all your IT financing needs, covering hardware, software and services from Dell EMC and other manufacturers or vendors.

- Self-service facility
An online portal for 24/7 access to everything you need to manage your Dell Financial Services account. More

- Transparency
All terms and conditions, pricing, fees and charges are detailed in the lease agreement and any additional services are specified on our website. View the Privacy and Resources tab

- End-of-lease options
Easy end-of-lease process, with six-month notice and options that include renewal, return and purchase of equipment, dependent on contract type. More

- Equipment disposal
Secure asset disposal and re-cycling that meets environmental regulations.

Dell Financial Services solutions are designed to give you the freedom to acquire and deploy the right technology solutions right now, not just when the budget allows.

Dell Financial Services core solutions:
As one of the largest technology financing companies, Dell Financial Services offer the greatest range of financing solutions, including fair market value (FMV) agreements, leasing, finance leasing, loans and hire purchase, plus a portfolio of OpenScale Payment Solutions for ultimate flexibility. Dell Financial Services is the only company with the ability to finance an end-to-end solution across Dell, Dell EMC and VMware in addition to products from other manufacturers or vendors.

Fair Market Value Lease

Fair Market Value Lease
A means of acquiring IT hardware while only paying for the use of the equipment, not its ownership. At the end of the lease you can choose to return the technology and refresh it, extend the usage or purchase the equipment. The solution means that you often end up paying less than the cash price.

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Client as a Service

Delivers single-source design, deployment, management and support for the latest Dell desktops and laptops, all at a single, predictable, affordable price per seat per month.

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006 Lease006 Lease
Our 006 Lease solution allows you to acquire the Dell EMC storage solution now, with payments deferred for 6 months, and 6 months free hardware and software maintenance included.

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Open Scale Payment Solutions

OpenScale Payment Solutions
Six modular, flexible business solutions that align payment with your deployment and usage, to enable you to have the technology you need without financial constraints.

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 Provision and Pay

Provision and Pay
Install the technology now and pay over time, based on your deployment schedule.

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  Pay as you grow 

Pay As You Grow
Deploy the full solution for your future needs now, and pay over time based on your forecast usage, with the lowest payments in year 1 and increased payments in years 2 and 3.

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  Flex on Demand 

Flex on Demand
Allows you to install the technology you will need in the future and pay over time based on actual usage, with fixed payments for the technology you currently use plus variable payments for extra technology as you use it.

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UnpackedSpecial offers

Don’t miss out – get the right technology right now, with some great Dell Financial Services deals!

Take a look at our latest promotions
Fair Market Value Lease

Fair Market Value Lease Promotion

Designed primarily for customers aiming for IT refresh, the Fair Market Value Lease provides the lowest monthly rental for financing hardware.
At the end of the lease you can return the equipment or choose to extend the lease.
  • 87% total cost of ownership
  • 12 quarterly payments
  • Value: €5,000 - €500,000
  • Available on client solutions, servers and networking
  • 100% total cost of ownership
  • 16 quarterly payments
  • Value €5,000 - €500,000
  • Available on client solutions, servers and networking

For example, on a €10,000 system, you make 12 quarterly payments of €725, resulting in a
total rental cost of €8700 and a TCO of just 87%.

Low Rate Finance Lease

Low Rate Finance Lease Promotion

Designed primarily for customers aiming for equipment ownership and for hardware that is intended to be used for a fixed period.
At the end of the lease the equipment can be purchased.

  • Exceptional low rate of 1.75%
  • 12 quarterly payments spread over 3 years or 16 quarterly payments spread over 4 years
  • Value: €5,000 - €500,000
  • Available on client solutions, servers, storage and networking
Warning: You may have to pay charges if you repay early, in full or in part, a fixed-rate credit facility. Example “On Client products to the value of €1,000 financed over 36 months, the total cost of credit is €24”.

The promotions run until February 2nd 2020. Not all customers may qualify for these rates. Offers may be changed without notice and are subject to product availability, eligibility, credit approval and execution of documentation provided by and acceptable to Dell Financial Services

With tens of thousands of customers in over 50 countries worldwide, Dell Financial Services have provided solutions for organisations in just about every industry sector, from manufacturing to healthcare, from design to engineering, from education to sport.

Case Studies

Here are just a few case studies from customer organisations of different types and sizes:

  1. Click here to read PDF

    UK - Education

    Financing gives MASSIVE project the green light!
    Stonyhurst college needed an IT infrastructure that could support modern teaching and learning methods, as well as provide internet access to students, staff and commercial clients across the school's 30-acre site.

  2. Click here to read PDF

    UK – Education

    Helping QMUL secure its place among the top universities in the world!
    Queen Mary University of London enhances student experience with touch screen devices and improves budget efficiency with Dell Financial Services

  3. Click here to read PDF

    UK - Education

    Dell EMC help Dundee University remain the top voted university in Scotland
    The university could maximise its budget by working with Dell Financial Services (DFS). It was able to deploy the Dell EMC solution it required while overcoming any constraints on its existing resources.

  4. Click here to read PDF

    France - Healthcare

    Enabling physiotherapists to gain cost-effective access to its MediMoov platform.
    NaturalPad in France successfully launches interactive game platform MediMoov to help rehabilitate people with neurological and motor disorders, while giving physiotherapists an affordable leasing option

  5. Click here to read PDF

    Germany - Technology

    Realising 140 times greater performance than its nearest competitors Oracle and HP.
    EXASOL drives growth internationally, helping customers cut decision-making time for their clients and increase sales with world’s fastest in-memory database appliance

  6. Click here to read PDF

    Deploying an effective server lifecycle strategy to minimise costs

    This IDC white paper presents key financial findings from in-depth research into the lifecycle costs of x86 servers, comparing purchase with leasing and including acquisition, deployment, support and retirement costs.

  7. Click here to read PDF

    Dell Financial Services - The right technology, right now

    This simple two-page overview lays out the benefits of financing for key decision-makers.

  8. Click here to read PDF

    Dell Financial Services - Why financing your PCs is good for business

    A concise summary of how financing your PCs can simplify budgeting.

  9. Click here to read PDF

    Dell Financial Services - Enterprise technology lifecycle management made simple

    How financing can become your enterprise IT management tool.


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