End User Computing Consulting

Deliver faster, more efficient workforce services

Today’s workforce uses a constantly evolving set of end-user apps and devices and they have myriad places from which they are trying to communicate and collaborate. Managing and securing apps, data, and devices while providing frictionless access for the workforce is critical, but can be time-consuming for IT. The solution is to create a centralized, consistent, and simplified way to deliver, control, and manage end user apps and devices, while assuring that enterprise resiliency and security standards are addressed. Dell EMC Consulting can help IT reduce management costs while ensuring users’ needs are met.

Our user-centered approach involves first understanding the users, their mobility and security needs, as well as the apps and data they require to perform their roles. We use automated tools to collect usage and configuration data (devices, apps, network, logins, etc.) to understand and characterize users. We then create personas, mapping users to applications, devices, resource requirements, and locations. We assess users for VDI. We standardize and rationalize apps. We then design and build an end-user environment to provide the appropriate services, including a self-service app store that manages compliance. For VDI users, we design end point devices, infrastructure, networking, peripheral access, and storage.
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