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This portal is for Dell registered customers who are interested to learn about the Dell Advantage for Employees. Registered customers can download all promotional collaterals.

The discounted offer is available in 14 European countries. You can find localized collateral for other regions by clicking Participating Countries.

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As a customer of Dell, your employees can enjoy a benefit program that’s free and easy to use. With the Dell Advantage for Employees programme, they’ll receive unique discounts on selected consumer products and special promotions – all year round

Dell Advantage for Employees is a loyalty programme, where employees of our business customers can purchase Dell products at a discounted price. It is free to join, and free to stay connected to.
Dell Advantage for Employees is available in 14 European countries and collaterals localized in 10 languages.

If your organization have employees located on several locations in Europe you can find information and localized templates below.

 1. Austria Austria   6.IrelandIreland   12. Sweden -  Sweden 
2a.Belgium   Belgium French   7.Italy Italy        13a.SwitzerlandSwitzerland French 
 2b.Belgium -  Belgium Dutch   8.Netherlands-  Netherlands   13b.Switzerland-  Switzerland German 
 3.Denmark   Denmark   9.Norway Norway   14.UK United Kingdom 
  4.France -  France   10.Poland Poland    
  5.Germany -  Germany   11.Spain Spain