Dell Advantage for Employees

What is Dell Advantage for Employees?

Dell Advantage for Employees is a loyalty programme, where employees of our business customers can purchase Dell products at a discounted price. It is free to join, and free to stay connected to. We offer our customers extra benefits through a discount voucher based system.

Members get:
  • 20% discount on Dell Peripherals
  • 10% discount on XPS, Alienware, Dell Gaming and Displays;
  • 5% discount on Inspiron;
  • Monthly promotions and unique discounts: Register your email address to receive special deals not available to the public
Great news : Offers can be combined with money off deals of the online store

All we require is that your employer is a current Dell customer, and that they sign up for membership in the Dell Advantage for Employees programme.

Once your employer has signed up for membership, all employees will be eligible for our exclusive Dell Advantage discounts.

How do I redeem the discounts?

For employees:

  1. Find out if your organization is a registered Dell customer. You can do this either by contacting your manager, your HR department, or your IT department.
  2. Redeem your coupons here by simply entering your work email address. Vouchers will be sent by email instantly.
  3. Go to the Dell website at www.dell.ie and click on Product then For Home
  4. Choose your product and enter your voucher. For a more detailed instruction, please check the tab How to Shop for a walkthrough.
  5. Enjoy FREE Shipping and share this offer with your colleagues.

For employers:

As an organization purchasing Dell products you are entitled to join for free and can activate the Dell Advantage for Employees, we recommend that you speak to your personal Dell account manager.

Joining and using the programme is easy: Learn more by visiting the Advantage for Employees Content Library at www.dell.ie/advantage/corporate

Step 1: What to do with your coupon code

When you receive your voucher, write it down, print it out or copy your code to enter at the checkout.

Step 2: Shopping for your system

Find the computer system that best meets your needs, and then add it to your basket.

Step 3: Entering your coupon


After you have added the system to your basket, enter your coupon code into the "Enter Coupon Number" box
below the items in your basket.
Next, click "Apply Coupon" and the discount should display in the summary.
(Do NOT save cart or proceed to checkout unless you are absolutely sure about using your voucher. If you click
either of those, it will use up the voucher and you will not get a new one.)


Step 4: Continuing to checkout


After you see your discount has been applied to your system, click "Secure Checkout" to continue to payment.

Below we have gathered the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Should you not find the answer to what you are looking for, we have added our contact information at the bottom of this page. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.

Q: Who is eligible?
A: All employees of Dell registered customers
Q: What discount can I expect?
By joining the Dell Advantage for Employee programme, your organisation gave you access to unique discounts on selected consumer products and other special promotions – all year round.
You are now entitled twice a year to 10% off Dell Consumer hardware and up to 20% off Dell Accessories (Software and Peripherals) via voucher code on the ‘For Home’ section of your local Dell online store.If you opt-in during the purchase process Dell may also contact you with occasional supplementary offers.

Q: Is there a minimum spend to get discount?
A: No.
Q: Is there a maximum spend allowed per purchase?
A: No there is no limitation in terms of maximum spend.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of units I can purchase?
A: Yes. You can only purchase one unit per order
Q: There is a discount code live on the Dell site, can I use this on top of the Advantage for Employees voucher code?
A: Yes, the voucher code can be used where we offer money off on the Dell Site. However, the coupon cannot be used in conjunction with the other coupon based promotions.
Q: Can I get a discount on accessories?
A: Yes, discount is available on Dell branded accessory products – up to 20% via our Accessories store.
Q:  Can I use the voucher anywhere?
A:No, voucher codes are country specific and in line with the discount offered in the country the voucher was issued.
Also vouchers codes are redeemable only on the online store and cannot be used on Dell outlet store or third party.
Q: Is there a solution for cross border employees ?
A: You can redeem a coupon in any of the 14 participating countries. As explained above the coupons are country specific so just go to the relevant country page and follow the instruction. See eligible countries.
Q: What countries are eligible?
A: United Kingdom; Switzerland; Spain; Netherlands; Italy; Ireland; Germany; France; Belgium; Austria; Poland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
Q: How do I get a voucher code for this offer?
A: As an employee, the first step is to find out if your organization is a registered Dell customer and that your organization also joined for FREE the membership. You can do this either by contacting your manager, your HR department, or your IT department.
Once confirmed, you can redeem your coupons at by simply entering your work email address. Vouchers will be sent by email.
Q: Why do I need to enter my work email address?
A: Work email address is only used to confirm your organization eligibility and to send you the voucher codes.
You can also provide a personal email address. In both case and as per Privacy regulation Dell will not contact you again unless you opt-in to receive extra deals.
Q: How to redeem a coupon without work email address?
A: We have solutions for all employees of our Dell registered customers. Ask your organization to contact their Dell account manager.
Q: Can I share this offer with my colleagues?
A: Of course! Go ahead and share this fantastic offer. All of your colleagues are eligible for the discounts.
Q: Do I need to renew my Membership
A: You can purchase two products every year per offer as long as your organisation is renewing the FREE membership.
Q: How do I replace my expired coupons
A: Coupons expire at the end of the calendar year. Check to see if your organization renewed the membership and redeem new coupons.


Placing an order

Q: How do I make a purchase?
A: Please go to the Dell website at www.dell.ie and click on Product then For Home should be click on "Product" then "For Home". Select the product(s) you wish to purchase, add to your basket, and then enter the Voucher Code you received in your welcome email.
You can use both your Accessories and Hardware codes on one order, however, as above no other codes can be used in conjunction with each other.
Q: Can I pay with credit card from another country?
A: No. Your credit card has to be issued in the country where you are making your purchase.
Q: What payment methods are available to me?
A: You are given the option of PayPal, or Visa or MasterCard.
Q: Is Dell able to provide personal leasing or financing payment options through the programme?
A: No, full details of all payment options are available on our website as above.
Q: If I place my order online, when will I receive order confirmation?
A: As soon as you submit an order, you will receive an Internet Receipt Number (IRN). This is sent automatically and gives a reference number you can use to address any queries with your order, before you receive formal order confirmation and number. The formal order confirmation will usually be sent within 1-2 days of submitting your order.
Q: Is the discount considered as a Benefit in kind?
A: Employees of certain countries have tax obligations on certain discounted purchases. Please check with your payroll team for detail about the taxation on your Employee discount purchase value.


Delivery, Cancellations and Returns

Q: What are the lead-times for delivery?
A: The same as Dell's standard delivery lead-times
Q: Do I need to pay for shipping costs?
A: No, Shipping is free
Q: Can I have my order shipped to a different address?
A: No. Your shipping address and billing address must be the same. This is to prevent fraud and protect you as a customer.



Q: What post-sales support is offered?
A: You have access to the standard Dell country customer care and technical support telephone queues for Home Customers.
Q: My voucher code does not work
A: The following reasons could explain why a voucher does not work:
- Check your entered 14 alphanumerical characters
- You did not select a Consumer product i.e. click on Home tab in the local store.
- You are not shopping in the local store. Vouchers are country specific.
- The voucher code has expired. Voucher codes expire at the end of the calendar year and need to be extended at no cost by your organization.
Q: I can’t redeem a coupon
A: The following reasons could explain why your email address did not work during the registration process
- You have entered your email incorrectly. Please double check spelling and try again.
- You have entered a personal email address (using public domain name as Gmail, Hotmail, …) instead of using your work email address.
- You entered a personal email address due to you not having a work email address. Solution exits for desk less employees. Ask your organisation (IT/HR/Procurement department) to contact the Dell Advantage team at
- Your organisation as is a Dell registered customer that is eligible but have not activated or renewed the FREE membership. You can find out if your organization is a registered Dell customer by contacting your manager, your HR department, or your IT department
- We have not received the complete list of email domains (@org.name.co.ie) used by your organisation. Ask your organisation (IT/HR/Procurement department) to contact the Dell Advantage team to complete our record of eligible domain names.
- Your organisation is not a Dell registered customer and consequently employees are not eligible for a discount.


If you have any questions about Dell Advantage for Employeees and how it works, please send an email to Dell_Advantage_UKI@Dell.com.

For order related questions (delivery, payment, missing or wrong items), please click

For technical support issues, please
click here

1. The coupon will expire on/at the date/time as stated. If no time is stated then it will expire at 23:59 local time on the day stated. The time quoted is the time that the order must be submitted by online and acknowledged by Dell.

2. The coupon will have a % discount off stated product(s). The coupon cannot be used against nonqualifying products or segments. The current discounts are 10% off on Inspiron, XPS and Alienware above £499. You will also get a coupon for 20% discount on Dell branded S&P (accessories), without threshold.

3. The coupon is only valid for online purchases. It is not valid for orders taken via telephone sales representatives unless otherwise stated. A sales representative via telephone will not be able to apply the discount, or place the order. Dell reserves the right not to give coupon discount if the applicable online Dell store is not operational for any reason.

4. The coupon may not be used in conjunction with other coupon offers. Only one applicable coupon promotion may be used for each online order submission. A coupon cannot be combined with other promotions unless specifically stated. Only one unit per coupon, and one coupon per year and customer will be honored.

5. The coupon discount will be applied during online order process after correct submission of relevant information, including completing coupon code during order process. Coupon discount will be included in price prior to submission of online order by customer. Coupon discount will not be applied to incorrectly submitted orders or requests for discount after online ordering process has been submitted by customer.
6. If you use this coupon and subsequently cancel or return the order, the coupon will no longer be valid and the respective value may not be reapplied to another order. If you return your order, the refund amount will be the purchase price paid less the value of the coupon. Coupon may not be redeemed for cash and is nontransferable. Taxes, shipping, handling and other fees are extra, vary and are not subject to discount, unless otherwise specified.

7. Pricing, specifications, availability and terms of offer may change without notice. All orders are subject to approval, and only binding when accepted by Dell in a written order confirmation. Dell is not responsible for typographical, pricing or other errors, omissions, or consequences of misuse of site and its functions.

8. The coupon is valid only in the country where it was issued.

9. Dell reserves the right to cancel any order that is placed under wrongful conditions.