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Meet Yee SiangWhen did you join EMC and what roles have you held in your time here?

I joined EMC in July 2010 as an Associate Customer Engineer. I had the opportunity to travel to the US under the Global Services Associate Program. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life. Aside from technical skills, we honed our leadership skills, and developed camaraderie with our peers which I have carried to this day. I took on the position of Account Service Engineer, which primarily focuses on customer service. I had the opportunity to work on implementation projects and account management.

What inspires you about our culture?

Change is the only constant, EMC never stops evolving and improving. Change is something that is inevitable. Often we tend to stay in our comfort zone, in the end being complacent. At EMC I learned how to embrace change in my life in my career, shaping me into a better man today. 

Are you a member of any affinity circles at EMC? What role have you played and/or how have you benefitted from them?

I am a BEN (Business Enablement Network) champion in my district and it gave me the opportunity to be part of the transformation journey. I am tasked to test, give feedback and share new processes in customer service. I am glad that I can share my experiences with the project team to make decisions and improvements.

What makes you excited about the future possibilities of Dell?

Dell is definitely something to look forward to, for the ability to provide end-to-end solutions and services. I’ve spent my whole career in the storage industry and Dell may present new opportunities for me to further my knowledge in other areas of IT. And of course, I will be able to meet more people and expand my social network!

What do you think people interested in working here need to know?

It is definitely a challenge working in EMC, but the greater the challenge, the greater the rewards.

What role have you played in helping your customers grow and thrive?

I strive to deliver the best customer experience in using EMC products. Customers develop the confidence that is important in their operations and future plans. They can rest assured that EMC will always be there, before or after the sale.

What makes this a great place to work?

  • Care: EMC takes care of its employees as well as our families.
  • People: There are great people working at EMC.
  • Opportunity: Everyone has the same opportunity here.

Describe your experience here using 5 words.

Nothing is impossible, I’m possible!

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