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Enabling agility, productivity and vigilance in federal government

Your agency’s IT budget is under pressure on multiple fronts. You’re operating under the cost constraints of a federal deficit that exceeds $1 trillion, your responsibility for managing data and end-user connectivity continues to grow and the cost of maintaining legacy systems undermines your ability to migrate to newer, more efficient technology.

In the face of all these challenges, you’re trying to answer some big questions:
  • How can you leverage IT to move past the status quo and advance the mission of your agency?
  • How can you introduce the latest technological advances to help improve your cost structure, while staying within tight budget constraints and conflicting federal mandates?
  • How can you provide appropriate access to information for other agencies and citizens, without sacrificing data security?
  • How can you provide the right IT infrastructure for new IT projects such as the Internet of Things or hybrid cloud solutions?
As a trusted technology provider to G20 governments for more than 20 years, we understand the budget concerns, purchasing process and complex security and compliance requirements of the federal government. Our technology solutions can help you maximize the benefits of previous investments and implement newer, more efficient ones that free up agency time and resources to move you forward in your mission.

What makes Dell federal solutions different?
We work closely with government agency leaders to make sure we understand the guidelines, compliance and regulatory requirements that define and drive your IT environment. We’ve shaped our operations to make things easier for yours, offering these key benefits:
  • Solutions built specifically for the government — FedRAMP, TACLAN, BCCS
  • End-to-end federal IT solutions the way you need them — enterprise, private, hybrid or public cloud
  • CONUS/OCONUS support and worldwide extended warranty
  • Unparalleled agility in supply chain logistics
  • Vendor-agnostic services and solutions
  • Flexible financing
With the right technology and processes, you can achieve outstanding efficiency and provide better citizen service. Contact India support Government to learn how our solutions can help you build a better federal government.
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