Data Analytics

Gaining control of the big data deluge

Data continues to grow at an exponential rate ― experts expect that the sheer volume of data will double each year. For federal agencies, this quickly becomes an insurmountable amount of information, spurring the need to find an effective way to manage it. But unlocking the value in your growing volume of complex data requires tools that dramatically simplify data access, analysis and management — without sacrificing security.

Our powerful, easy-to-use information management solutions span the entire information lifecycle, enabling you to better manage data, improve data integration and amplify the benefits of data analysis. No matter which platforms you’re using, whether Oracle® or Hadoop® or one of many others, our solutions will complement your chosen technologies and help you get the most from your data and IT investments:
  • Application and data integration solutions – Bring together data from disparate sources to enhance efficiencies and improve data consistency across the enterprise.
  • Business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics – Generate new insights for improving efficiencies and gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Database replication and backup – Protect against data loss and ensure operational continuity.
  • Database development and management – Draw on industry-leading expertise to accelerate the creation of new capabilities, reduce the costs of administration and proactively monitor your databases for performance, while high-availability solutions help you sustain uptime for vital databases.
Designed to streamline data analysis, management and integration tasks, our solutions enable you to obtain more value from data, without adding complexity and cost. Rather than introducing yet another platform, our information management solutions help simplify the software framework over your organization’s existing systems and technologies.

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