Development Program Review | Sylvie

SylvieSylvie, Marketing Rotation Program Alumni

When did you join Dell and what roles have you held in your time here?

I joined Dell in February 2007. I first joined as an Online Merchandising Manager but then very quickly shifted into Marketing Communication roles. I have been able to work for multiple segments (including Global, Public, and Higher Education segments), and these positions gave me the possibility to move from a role dedicated to the French market to EMEA roles and global ones.

Tell us about the career development opportunities at Dell and what inspired you to apply for the Marketing Rotation Program?

When I learned about the launch of the Marketing Rotation Program (MRP), I decided to apply as I wanted to improve my skills, learn new ones, and experience other areas of marketing at Dell. I saw this program as a good way for me to be able to broaden my experience at Dell, working in different marketing departments and in different countries. The MRP was a great opportunity to understand better how our Marketing Organization is structured and how the different teams are working together. This program opened up new horizons for me and was also a good way for me to take on new challenges, improve my leadership skills, and boost my career.

What has been the best part about participating in MRP?

The best part of the Marketing Rotation Program has been discovering new marketing departments and learning new skills such as global communication and services marketing. I was able to spend my first year in Austin which was an amazing experience for me. Not only because I was able to live abroad, but also because I experienced working in Dell’s headquarters, which provided me with a completely different perspective. Being part of this program really enabled me to grow, to learn new skills and always try to figure out how I can leverage it to deliver the best value to my team.

I am now living in Austin and have come back to my passion: Digital Marketing.

What has been your most rewarding project so far in your career at Dell?

When I was working inside the Global Communication team, I was in charge of PR for our Giving programs. I was part of the core team who was working on the announcement of the launch of our new “Powering the Possible” program for pediatric cancer care. All people working on this project (the CSR team, the marketing team, the Healthcare PR team) were so passionate and motivated to make this launch the best it could be! We all worked collaboratively to make this launch a big success. This was a wonderful experience for me professionally as it was the first time I was managing PR, and personally I was really proud to be part of this amazing story.

How would you describe the Dell culture?

Dell is a company centered around our customers. What we do as a team every day is to enable our customers to access to the best technology solutions that can help them achieve what they want to do. And Dell is integrating its people as one of the most powerful elements to its success. Dell provides a positive working environment where everyone is encouraged to take time to understand where they want to go and provide all the tool and help to really meet their career goals.

Describe your Dell experience using five words.

Collaboration, open-minded, positivity, achievement, thriving

What advice would you give others who are considering applying for one of Dell’s Development programs?

These programs are just a glimpse into the wonderful tools and opportunities that Dell gives to our employees to enable them to improve their skills, learn more, and open their minds to new area of the business. I think that the best way to make the most of such great program is to not be afraid to get outside of your comfortable zone and try to explore new types of role which will ultimately help you to go where you want.

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