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Profile Management

a) Forgotten Password
Click on the link to enter your Global Portal email address and click Reset Password. Forgot Password? You will receive an email from premier@dell.com with a secure link to modify your account and reset your password. You will then be directly logged into Global Portal or given the option to select which Global Portal page you would like to view, if applicable. Learn More

b) Locked Account
If your account has been locked it will be automatically unlocked in 24 hours. If you need access to your Global Portal account sooner, please contact Global_Portal_Support@dell.com.

c) User Access Management
Site Administrators have the ability to manage what other users see and do within your organization’s Global Portal page. When new users are invited to Global Portal, they must be assigned to an Access Group and a User Role by your Dell Account Team member or your organization’s Site Administrator. Learn More

d) Address Book
With Global Portal, we give you the ability to manage your addresses without the need to engage Dell. Learn More

e) Reporting
Various reports are available through your Global Portal. Please contact your Dell Account Team to discuss which offering is best for your organization. Learn More