Subscription Services for Commercial Customers

Dell Subscription Services for Commercial customers

Dell has a variety of subscription offerings for software and services. By subscribing to such offerings, you can ensure continued use of your product, service, or other offering until you choose to cancel, with no need to keep track of renewal dates. Dell will automatically renew your subscription and you will pay the subscription fee using the payment method you provided at the time of the initial order, until you cancel your subscription. If your payment method has expired, you will be required to provide a new, valid payment method to ensure your continued use of or access to the relevant subscription service.

Most subscriptions are offered on either an annual or monthly basis. For subscriptions with a renewal cycle of more than a month, you will receive a reminder notice via email prior to each payment date. To cancel your subscription and avoid regular charges, you must notify Dell at least five (5) days prior to the Subscription Renewal Date shown on your Order Documents, unless otherwise indicated in the relevant Subscription Service Description. Please note that for Dell premium support Subscription Services, you must notify Dell of your cancellation at least (30) days prior to the Subscription Renewal Date shown in your Order Documents to avoid any further charges.

Please click on the applicable title below for the Subscription Service Description relevant to your specific subscription, including renewal dates, cancellation methods, and any fees (such as early termination fees), that may apply in some circumstances in respect of some subscriptions.
  1. EndPoint Software Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions apply to subscription based licenses for EndPoint Software

  2. Microsoft Cloud Office 365 & Azure with Dell

    Microsoft Cloud Office 365 & Azure with Dell