ProDeploy Flex for Data Center

A flexible service model designed to meet large-scale deployment needs.

Today’s IT and business leaders face a daunting task when it comes to modernizing and optimizing their data centers. We understand that as you embark on the journey to evolve your data center environment, not all large-scale deployment needs can be addressed with a fixed scope of features. ProDeploy Flex for Data Center takes the features of ProDeploy Enterprise Suite and provides the planning and management aspects to every project while allowing you the flexibility to select only the installation and configuration capabilities that meet your unique large-scale deployment needs. 

ProDeploy Flex for Data Center benefits:
  • Rely on certified deployment engineers utilizing best practices to integrate new Dell EMC technologies 
  • Reduce risk and downtime with best-in-class processes and tools that address the challenges of large-scale deployments
  • Optimize your budget and resources by selecting only the deployment capabilities you need
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