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Miroslav Marko Tell us a little bit about yourself (Your studies, When did you join Dell etc.)

I joined Dell in August of 2015 right after finishing my master’s degree in strategic management at Comenius University. Before Dell, I worked part time for two years in a small bank, but I wanted to try something different and more challenging and when I heard about Dell’s Finance Graduate Program, I decided to give it a shot and managed to be accepted.

What has your experience like as a University hire been? How did you hear about Dell and what was the application process like?

I was told about Dell’s Finance Graduate Program by a friend of mine who worked in HR and the thing that convinced me was the fact that people from all around Europe relocate here to Bratislava just because of this program. Getting into the program was definitely a challenge, the process involved multiple online assessment tests and also three part interview focusing on finance acumen, business acumen and personality interview.

What are some projects that you have recently been involved with and some of your career highlights at Dell?

In the fast-paced work environment here at Dell, processes are always changing and there is always room for making a difference and improving on things. I managed to use my technical skills to improve close process, making the infrastructure quicker and easier to work with. I was chosen as one of leads in our semester project where I was assigned to create a map of EMEA finance organization for the purposes on induction training of new finance hires. Managing a team of 10 people we interviewed over 100 people about their jobs was challenging but after six months we were able to put all the information together into one consolidated map of EMEA finance organization.

How has Dell helped you in your learning and supported you in your first corporate environment?

From the beginning, everybody in my team was very supportive in getting me up to speed on processes within my team, also being part of Finance Graduate Program provided me with multiple training sessions not only about Dell in general, but also focusing on developing my soft skills.

What has surprised you the most about working at Dell? What is your favorite part of working at Dell?

I was surprised on how non-corporate the environment is here at Dell, there is no strict dress code, if it does not intervene with your work, you can grab a coffee in two coffee shops in our building, go to the gym anytime or take an hour lunch instead of 30 minutes. My favorite part of working at Dell is being member of Finance Graduate Program, having a class of 10 people who are all recent graduates who are going the same transition as you feels like having a tight group of friends from university.

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