Corporate Social Responsibility

Every day, Dell is pairing technology with innovation to make a positive social and environmental impact – building a Legacy of Good. We are committed to putting our technology and expertise to work, where it can do the most good for people and the planet, making possible today what was impossible yesterday.

Every team member at Dell shares this commitment because being a good company is the right thing to do, but it is also right for our business. We’re creating real value for our customers, employees, and partners while driving social and environmental good in the community.

csr report FY18 CSR Report
Our annual report on how we're doing good for people and the planet. 
  environment Environment
Energy efficiency. Packaging. Recycling. We innovate to reduce environmental impact - yours and ours.

recycling Recycling
The rise of technology has produced a byproduct - e-waste. In response, Dell has industry-leading recycling programs for consumers and businesses.
  supply chain  Supply Chain
We work closely with suppliers to ensure human rights, labor standards and a conflict-free supply chain.

To drive real change, we apply technology, expertise and volunteerism toward solving pressing social issues.
  net positiveNet Positive
Our strategy isn't to just reduce the bad we do, but to increase the good. Creating a balance that puts more into the world and society than what we take from it is creating a net positive.

ocean plasticsOcean Plastics
There are more than 86 million metric tons of plastic in our oceans right now. See how Dell is removing that pollution from our waters and turning it into materials for our products.
  policies and compliancePolicy and Compliance
We maintain a culture where ethics and compliance are integrated into daily decision making.

We're committed to transparency, accountability, and to engaging our stakeholders.