Client Installation

Make PC deployment easier

Your business can’t afford downtime, even when you’re installing new laptops and desktops that will result in long-term productivity gains.

With our Client Installation services, you’ll find PC deployment simpler, faster and more cost-effective. You get a simple end-to-end service that can be enriched with four key options for: imaging, loading up to three applications, data migration, and installing and configuring a wireless router.

Working with Dell EMC, you can:

  • Get on-site expertise: We can send technicians to your locations, including remote sites, to manage every aspect of installing your new desktop and laptop computers.

  • Free up internal resources: Because we handles the installation for you, your IT staff is able to use their expertise where it is needed most — handling your strategic business objectives.

  • Minimize disruption: You can schedule installation during normal business hours at a time to minimize impact on end users and customers.

Quickly and securely transfer user data and settings

Migrating user data and settings from an existing PC to a new one can be tedious and time-consuming — but it doesn’t have to be. We can easily capture and migrate complete user accounts, including OS settings and configuration settings for Internet Explorer®, and INI and data files. This approach ensures a seamless transition to your new PCs.

Our data and settings transfer service includes:

  • Exceptional security features: Unlike other solutions, individual account login and passwords are not required. Our technicians never interact with or have access to individual user data during the migration process.

  • Go back: If a migration fails, we can return to a previous good state and start over.

  • Advanced technology: We use an automated solution so no technician decisions are required. This solution helps deliver consistent results by eliminating high-risk touch points.

  • Exceptional quality control: By clearly defining migration rules before deployment, we can eliminate variability throughout the data migration process. We also assist with post-deployment recovery issues and verify data through comprehensive data integrity checks.

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