Information for recycling is available here.

For recyclability, Dell systems incorporate the following design guidelines:

  • Dell takes a lifecycle perspective while product design. Products are design so that are easy for upgrade, repair and recyclable.

For more information please visit here

  • Dell products comply with the EU WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment). Products are marked as per Annex IX and in accordance with the guidance in European Standard EN 50419 as show below:


This label indicates that this product should not be disposed of with household waste. It should be deposited at an appropriate facility to enable recovery and recycling. For information on how to recycle this product responsibly in your country, please visit: www.dell.com/recycle

See the EU WEEE Declaration for more information about this mark. 

  • Information on Dell’s recycling programs can be found at: www.dell.com/recycling.
  • Dell provides information for treatment facilities in compliance with the WEEE directive. This information shared is based on the common template developed by EICTA (or Digital Europe), CECED (European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers), AeA Europe ( American Electronics Association Europe), and EERA (European Electronics Recyclers Association) with a purpose of providing guidance to recyclers on the presence of materials and components at the product/family level. The WEEE Product End-of-Life Instructions are available here
  • Plastic parts heavier than 25g have material codes according to ISO 11469:2016
  • Minimal use of composite structure materials
  • Minimal use of non-separable connections, such as gluing and welding between different materials
  • Painting/coating of Desktop chassis plastics has been avoided
  • Painting/coating of plastics <100 grams is compatible with recycling or reuse
  • Mechanical plastic parts greater than 100 grams consist of one material or of easily separable materials
  • Dell publishes product carbon footprint of mainstream products and are available here
  • Dell’s product recyclability assessment based on IEC 62635 standard can be found here


  • Batteries used in Dell products are in compliance with EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC.
  • Batteries in Dell products are not based on mercury, lead or cadmium technologies. For more information on Dell’s material restricted for use specification please visit here
  • Information about take-back and the recycling of batteries can be found at www.dell.com/recycling
  • The product documentation includes instructional information on the proper removal and disposal of the batteries used in Dell products. Please visit support.dell.com for owner’s manual.
  • The EU Battery Directive – Information for Users, may be viewed at the EU Battery Directive Declaration.
  • Dell SDS sheets are available here