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Yoshinari WatanabeWhen did you join Dell and what roles have you held in your time here?

I joined as an inside sales representative for small and medium business in 1998. I took calls and worked sales and soon after I became a manager. I looked over the small and medium business segment for about eight years. After that, I was a consumer general manager for two years and after that I returned to the medium business and preferred account sales team and did business for about five years. Now I'm managing a whole Partner Business team.

What responsibilities are included in your current role?

I currently work as an executive director of the Partner Business group and driving a whole partner business.

How would you describe the Dell culture?

Quite open and legitimate. There is a corporate culture that enjoy the challenge. It gives everyone chances. If you have a good idea and a passion for it and if you have the power to do it, they give you more and more responsibility.

What do you think people interested in working here would need to know?

Do not be afraid to challenge what's there. Don't be satisfied with the status quo and have the mindset of continuing your work with high aspirations. Make a point to always grow personally and professionally.

What keeps you here at Dell?

There are many extremely talented people. I am able to grow from the friendly competition and motivation. There is a culture where we not only work with our teammates, but we have fun in many different ways. I also take pleasure in delivering continuous business practices and services to end-user customers with business partners.

What are some projects that you have recently been involved with and some of your career highlights at Dell?

It is to expand the business partners along the strategic program that was launched last year. This is on-going project and very challenging one. I was impressed with being able to work with a lot of people from Kawasaki, Miyazaki, Morioka and Dalian when I was a consumer general manager.

What positive effects have you seen as a result of Dell’s strategy?

With large-scale acquisitions over the last several years, our products and services that we provide to our customers have spread across a wide range. This allows us build deep relationships with our customers. Building mid- and long-term relationships is quite essential for partner business. As a result of our privatization, we have been able to build business relationships by having three-year and five-year visions. We believe we can better serve our customers this way.

What role have you played in helping your customers grow and thrive?

We have just started offering our best solutions portfolios together with our partners. There is still room for various improvements and we plan to continue growing.

How does Dell differentiate itself when it comes to being an employer of choice?

If you have a good idea and if you have the power to do it, they give you more and more responsibility. Regardless of your position, age, gender or educational background, you are able to lead and tackle various challenges and this makes Dell as a great place to work.

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