Shipping and Delivery

How We Estimate Delivery Times

We aim to be as accurate as possible when estimating delivery times. However, actual delivery dates are subject to change based on a number of conditions, including:

If your order contains non-Dell-branded products and peripherals (such as Logitech® keyboards), these products will be delivered separately from your Dell system or accessories order.

Dell’s estimated shipping and delivery times commence upon order confirmation. Your order will be confirmed once payment has been received by Dell.

Dell fulfillment now offers build to order (BTO) configuration products.

Refer to the table comparison on the different Estimated Delivery Range.

Build to Order  
For build to order products, Dell configures to your specifications and will provide you a “ships in” + date range, which is the approximate date range by which your order will ship from the factory.
Delivery of your product after it has shipped from the factory will typically be within the following timeframes:
ProductsEstimated Delivery Range* (after product ships from factory)  
Notebooks and tablets10 - 15 business days**  
Desktops and workstations10 - 15 business days**  
Printers, monitors, projectors and other accessories10 - 15 business days**  
Server/storage networking10 - 15 business days**

**Ship range may change according to product availability