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Schools are undergoing a major transformation as they transition to a digital learning environment.

With greater opportunities to access information, collaborate with peers and teachers, and create new types of content, students are more engaged and have a stronger voice in their own education. Teachers are able to use actionable information to personalize learning based on an individual student's learning needs and styles.

Dell provides a strong foundation for these efforts that include professional learning for teachers and administrators, access to the right technology for your school district, powered by Intel and an efficient IT infrastructure.

K-12 solutions and services spotlight

  Digital Content  Mobile Learning
Digital content  Mobile learning
Dell can help as you move through the digital transformation.  Equip students for anytime, anywhere learning with secure, high-performance mobility solutions.
Teaching & Learning Image Learning Management Systems 
Instructional technology Education data management
Cultivate an engaging interactive educational experience with instructional technologies from Dell. Use actionable data to track student's progress, personalize learning and foster teacher collaboration.

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