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  • Expanded data access, new storyboarding and visualization capabilities, and optimized virtual data layer performance deliver actionable business insight

Dell Software today announced the latest version of Toad™ Business Intelligence Suite, an integrated solution that enables organizations to more easily access and extract meaningful information from traditional and non-traditional data sources. With the latest release, Toad Business Intelligence Suite delivers a host of enhancements designed to further facilitate self-service business intelligence across complex data environments.

News Facts:

Toad Business Intelligence Suite allows users to rapidly combine data across multiple sources, locations and formats — relational databases, BI platforms, cloud databases, and Big Data sources like Hadoop.  Users can then synthesize this information through Toad Business Intelligence Suite’s customized BI tools, designed specifically for both business and IT users. Key new features in version 2.0 include:

  • Expanded heterogeneous data connectivity – Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0 extends its list of data connectors with complete support for Microsoft Analysis Services and connectivity to Amazon’s DynamoDB and Redshift databases. Unlike traditional BI tools that address siloed data sources, Dell Software’s data-agnostic approach provides one tool that works across all data sources to reduce complexity and improves business analysis and self-service BI.
  • Storyboarding and enhanced visualization – New storyboarding capabilities empower users to publish in-depth analyses via the web for consumption by additional line-of-business decision makers.
  • Optimized data access and desktop self-service integration—Desktop self-service data integration becomes faster and more agile with performance enhancements that accelerate the ability to share data and queries in real time while streamlining collaboration and analysis. 

Concordia University Turns to Toad Business Intelligence Suite to Deal with Modern BI Challenges

  • Concordia University is a private, liberal arts university based in Portland, Oregon. One of 10 universities under the Concordia umbrella, the Portland campus serves more than 3,000 students, half of which enroll in the college’s rapidly growing online curriculum.
  • The ongoing need to extract meaningful information from multiple databases and different data sources created a bottleneck for the BI department responsible for supporting 200 faculty and full-time staff. Additionally, the BI team was tasked with working with an outside vendor to support the university’s efforts to recruit online students and faculty, as registration and classes for this fast growing area had doubled over the past three years. The vendor required access, analysis and provisioning of data for online students, which wasn’t readily available. Providing other external contractors and internal teams with access to relevant data sources in order to produce a variety of reports and analysis was equally problematic.
  • After evaluating a handful of traditional BI solutions and finding them incapable of linking multiple data sources as well as lacking the desired intuitive interface, director of business intelligence Rebekah Anderson turned to Toad Business Intelligence Suite to help its recruiting partner, outside contractors and internal staffers get more out of existing information.
  • Toad Business Intelligence Suite enables Concordia to provide the right tool for the right user, which improves productivity for both technical and non-technical users, while still adhering to governance requirements. Toad Business Intelligence suite further provides the university with a BI tool that connects to any data source, including the college’s Oracle Banner system, MySQL CRM, Blackboard LMS data and Salesforce application.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Rebekah Anderson, director of business intelligence, Concordia University

“Toad Business Intelligence Suite had everything I was looking for in a self-service BI tool. Toad Business Intelligence Suite is unique in the sense that my different users have lots of options. For the more technical data consumers, I enable them to provision data, make changes and run reports on demand. For the less-technical, business consumers, it’s super easy for them to browse and visualize data without having the ability to make changes. With Toad Business Intelligence Suite, I have a single solution for everything that comes up.”

  • Shawn Rogers, vice president of research, Enterprise Management Associates

“As data ecosystems become more complex and present greater data driven opportunities, IT departments are struggling with the need to connect multiple data sources, across distributed landscapes, in order to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated business intelligence consumer. The latest release of Toad Business Intelligence Suite again demonstrates that alleviating this challenge, particularly for mid-market customers, is a major priority for Dell Software as they continue to build out their broader information management offering.”  

  • John Whittaker, director of product marketing, information management, Dell Software

“Instead of being hamstrung by legacy BI technology that evolved to address separate and discreet data sources, Dell Software delivers a modern set of tools that encompasses all enterprise data as it grows in volume, velocity or variety. As a result, Toad Business Intelligence Suite provides a data-agnostic foundation, high-value visualizations and a well-governed virtual data mash-ups layer to facilitate actionable insight and self-service BI.”

Pricing & Availability

  • Toad Business Intelligence Suite will be available beginning in Q2, with pricing starting at $9,995 for five named users.

A Complete End-to-End Information Management Solution

Toad Business Intelligence Suite is a part of Dell Software’s Information Management group. Dell enables organizations to turn data into actionable business insights by delivering an integrated set of vendor-, location- and data-agnostic solutions spanning the modern information management lifecycle, including database management and optimization, data integration, data warehousing, business analytics and discovery. Learn more about Dell’s Information Management software solution online.

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