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Empowering women in technology and business
Dell is committed to accelerating the increasingly powerful role that women play in driving global economic growth. Women share a unique approach to business; they are using innovative technology to reach customers and utilize data in unprecedented ways. Women especially understand that it’s not the technology itself that is important, but what connections, solutions and changes it enables you to make.

Through the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Dell is connecting female entrepreneurs across the globe with networks, sources of capital, knowledge and technology, giving them the power to do more. You can join other female business leaders from around the globe via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as we celebrate the impact of women-owned businesses on the global economy.

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The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network summit brings together 200 of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs, international media and Dell executives for two days of collaboration, thought leadership and networking. The event has grown into a thriving international network with hundreds of women business owners who connect throughout the year to share their knowledge and support their peers in accelerating business growth.

The 2019 DWEN Summit will be in Singapore from July 14-16. A typical attendee earns $2-3 million in revenue or funding and believes tech is the backbone of her success. The summit is an exclusive event; select qualified members will receive an invitation to register.
Highlights from the 2018 DWEN Summit

The Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network held its 9th annual Summit in Toronto from July 15-17. More than 150 female founders, CEOs, investors, dignitaries, media and Dell partner executives convened to connect and discuss today's pressing business topics on the theme of finding your true north.

Research: Women Entrepreneur Cities Index (WE Cities)

Dell, with research partner IHS Markit, commissioned the Women Entrepreneur Cities Index (WE Cities) to assess and compare 50 cities around the world on their ability to foster high-potential women entrepreneurs (HPWE).


New in 2018, Dell unveiled diagnostic tools to help ensure that lawmakers are enabling women entrepreneurs to succeed. This includes a qualitative analysis on the barriers and opportunities for women entrepreneurs accessing Capital and leveraging Technology to scale; and Blueprints designed to spotlight actions a city can take to improve the ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.


Blueprints & Tearsheets: Dell Women Entrepreneurs Cities Research 2018:

An in-depth look at 10 cities from our 2017 research, providing greater analysis on the environmental elements that are impacting high potential women entrepreneurs. The blueprint provides a greater level of detail, while the tearsheet provides an “at-a-glance” look at the areas of strength, areas to improve, recent developments, and key recommendations for each city.

Amsterdam Blueprint.pdf
Amsterdam Tearsheet.pdf
Austin Blueprint.pdf
Austin Tearsheet.pdf
Boston Blueprint.pdf
Boston Tearsheet.pdf
London Blueprint.pdf
London Tearsheet.pdf
Mexico City Blueprint.pdf
Mexico City Tearsheet.pdf
Sao Paulo Blueprint.pdf
Sao Paulo Tearsheet.pdf
Singapore Blueprint.pdf
Singapore Tearsheet.pdf
Sydney Blueprint.pdf
Sydney Tearsheet.pdf
Tokyo Blueprint.pdf
Tokyo Tearsheet.pdf
Toronto Blueprint.pdf
Toronto Tearsheet.pdf
Technology & Capital Deep Dives: Dell Women Entrepreneurs Cities Research 2018

Each deep dive aims to provide guidance on how women entrepreneurs can navigate two common pitfalls -- access to technology and access to capital – as well as what local governments can do to better support women entrepreneurs in regards to these two areas.

Capital Deep Dive.pdf
Case Studies: Dell Women Entrepreneur Cities Index 2017:

Deep dive case studies on London, Sao Paulo, the Bay Area, Austin and Sydney to better understand the numbers behind the WE Cities Index. Each case study features insights from women entrepreneurs in each city to add further context to the numbers.

Dell_Global_WECities_Case Study (Austin).pdf
Dell_Global_WECities_Case Study (Bay Area).pdf
Dell_Global_WECities_Case Study (Sydney).pdf
Dell_Global_WECities_Case Study (Sao Paulo).pdf
Dell_Global_WECities_Case Study (London).pdf

City Profiles: Dell Women Entrepreneur Cities Index 2017:

25 city profiles that illustrate how cities can capitalize on strengths and improve areas of weakness.

Dell Global WECities Amsterdam.pdf
Dell Global WECities Atlanta.pdf
Dell Global WECities Bangalore.pdf
Dell Global WECities Beijing.pdf
Dell Global WECities Berlin.pdf
Dell Global WECities Boston.pdf
Dell Global WECities Chicago.pdf
Dell Global WECities Copenhagen.pdf
Dell Global WECities Delhi.pdf
Dell Global WECities Dubai.pdf
Dell Global WECities Dublin.pdf
Dell Global WECities Johannesburg.pdf
Dell Global WECities Los Angeles.pdf
Dell Global WECities Melbourne.pdf
Dell Global WECities Mexico City.pdf
Dell Global WECities Munich.pdf
Dell Global WECities New York.pdf
Dell Global WECities Paris.pdf
Dell Global WECities Seattle.pdf
Dell Global WECities Shanghai.pdf
Dell Global WECities Singapore.pdf
Dell Global WECities Tel Aviv.pdf
Dell Global WECities Tokyo.pdf
Dell Global WECities Toronto.pdf
Dell Global WECities Washington DC.pdf