Data Processing

Data processing at the speed of demand

Your customers expect fast transactions, or they quickly move on. Your data processing capabilities should evolve with your business demands for speed. To get there, you'll need to eliminate:
  • Expensive, legacy architectures that prevent system evolution
  • Difficult and risky transitions as new technologies are added
  • Complicated deployments
Large initial outlays for proprietary architectures are impractical at best, and support costs for monolithic platforms can skyrocket beyond three years. Dell offers online transaction processing (OLTP) systems based on open x86 platforms that are designed for rapid deployment, efficient management and optimum power utilization that can scale on demand. You can:
  • Ease upgrades before incurring the cost of post-warranty support
  • Incorporate new and emerging technologies, such as virtualization, simplified management and automation
  • Lower power consumption
Our strategic partnerships — plus a broad portfolio of award-winning data management software and storage platforms — ensure proper integration of all your data processing applications. Innovative offerings such as Dell Fluid Cache can integrate easily into your environment to help you achieve faster response times, increase transactions per second and increase simultaneous users.

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