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Services to ease execution of your mobile strategy

Businesses often struggle to successfully implement mobile solutions when minimizing investment support costs and successfully addressing security concerns. And if a company is global, the need to create a consistent, worldwide mobility strategy compounds the problem.

Dell Services can help. From assessing your needs and business imperatives to supporting you from development to deployment, we work with you to define the optimal roadmap for your mobile journey. We can create and manage the image deployed to your BYOPCs, help you become a mobility expert and be the best possible partner for your line-of-business owners and end users.

Client-Mobility-and-BYOD-Consulting                           Client Mobility and BYOD Consulting 
                           Dell Client Mobility and BYOD Consulting Services provide
                           modular mobility consulting services to analyze your needs 
                           and strategically plan your mobile solution adoption. Work
                           with mobility subject matter experts to assess your IT
                           environment, gauge your readiness for a mobile computing
                           plan, design and implementation plan and oversee all aspects
                           of solution implementation, including software, hardware and

Dell-Managed-Deployment                           Dell Managed Deployment 
                           Dell Managed Deployment is an end-to-end service designed
                           to speed deployment time, save money and provide
                           comprehensive planning and project management to support
                           your IT staff. Our single point of contact helps to plan and
                           orchestrate all deployment tasks so you can get new PCs
                           from the factory into the hands of your end users, online and
                           ready to use.

Dell Services Image Consulting                           Dell Services Image Consulting
                           Dell Image Consulting covers a comprehensive range of
                           image management needs — from fully customized on-site
                           image management to static image development to automated
                           cross-platform image build and BYOD scenarios. We can help
                           you create and manage the image deployed on your BYOPCs. 

Dell-Mobility-Application-Services                           Dell Mobility Application Services
                           Our Mobility Application Services consultants help your mobile
                           application strategy come to fruition. We help you define,
                           design, develop, test and support a wide range of apps. 

UX Workshop                           Mobile User Experience (UX) Workshop 
                           Fast-paced mobility development requires a tried and tested UX
                           design process to deliver faster results. We can help you with 
                           our User Experience (UX) workshop.