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Meet AjayTell us a little bit about yourself (Your studies, When did you join Dell etc.)

I started at Dell Singapore in 2014 as an MBA summer intern in the Program Management organization from Nanyang Business School, Singapore. Now, I am a Global Commodity and Supply Chain manager at worldwide procurement.

What has your experience like as a University hire been? How did you hear about Dell and what was the application process like?

I got information regarding the internship from my Business School’s job posting service. I received a mail within a couple of weeks stating that my CV has been shortlisted. I had two rounds of interview after which my internship offer was given. During my internship, I was explained why I am doing what I am doing and had clear mutually agreeable measurable goals and included training and supervision and executive presentations. I was offered a full-time position upon completion of my MBA after the strong performance in my internship.

Why did you choose to come work at Dell?

I know that Dell is a customer-inspired end-to-end IT solutions provider at Dell the business is free to transform and adapt to the world at large. This gives me the opportunity to think globally and grasp great opportunities that come along.

How do you think Dell can help you achieve your career goals after graduation?

At Dell I can find positive people, learn continuously, and develop a broad skill base and think globally and was able to grasp great opportunities that come along.

How has Dell helped you in your learning and supported you in your first corporate environment?

Dell has a wide variety of training and development programs that include instructor led classes, self-paced e learning courses and certification programs.

What has surprised you the most about working at Dell? What is your favorite part of working at Dell?

I was surprised by Dell’s culture of diversity and inclusion, which helps maximize innovation and creativity. My favorite part of working at Dell is, it promotes a lot of wellness initiatives. I am part of Dell’s badminton club and in addition it is great to have a co-worker be my workout buddy because then we can become even closer friends.

How would you describe Dell to your university friends and why does it make a great employer for a recent graduate or intern?

Dell provides a dynamic and supportive environment for professional development. In addition, Dell understands the importance of having successful career and full life outside of work. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

What advice would you give to students or anyone for that matter who’s interested in working in Dell?

Internship at Dell is a great opportunity to test career interests and to create a network of professional contacts. Students can find out what they are really passionate about and a good performance and successful internship often lead to employment offers.

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