Help Me Choose: Dell Encryption and Threat Prevention


Dell Encryption Personal

Data loss could be devastating for any business leading to loss of reputation and regulatory fines. With FIPS 140-2 certified Encryption Personal, protect your valuable business data from being lost or compromised. The solution provides comprehensive protection found in large organizations, but with local management that is designed for simple deployment. Dell Encryption Personal is the default software.

Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise

Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise combines data centric encryption to protect data on endpoints and a revolutionary advanced threat prevention based on artificial intelligence and predictive mathematical models that proactively stops an overall 99.69% of malware.

Use Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise

  • To combat advanced malware (including zero-day), viruses and other spyware with a high efficacy
  • To minimize performance impact on your company resources (CPU, memory etc.)
  • To protect your endpoints even when offline
  • To protect your users from harmful URLs by tracking and categorizing millions of URLs and ranking them in the order of safety
  • To comply to regulations
  • To enable off-host BIOS verification on Dell Latitude, OptiPlex and Dell Precision PCs

Dell Data Guardian

Dell Data Guardian secures workforce productivity and the ability to collaborate by providing data protection for data files that leave your organization in the course of operations. Protect against insider threats and employee mistakes with data-in-motion and data-in-use protection. Transparent operation ensures files are secured with encryption and enterprise digital rights management to ensure only access by approved recipients.

Use Dell Data Guardian

  • To protect, control and monitor data wherever it goes
  • To monitor security risks with events and mapping details, including the ability to revoke access if a security risk exists
  • As a companion to Encryption Enterprise (data at rest protection), extending to protect data-in-motion and in-use

Dell Encryption Enterprise

With the increase in data leaks due to lost or stolen devices, intentional or unintentional data leakage data needs to be secured at an organization level and should not be left to end users. Dell Encryption Enterprise provides FIPS 140-2 certified, software-based data centric encryption that can be implemented on-premise.  The solution enables IT to easily enforce encryption policies, whether the data resides on the system drive or external media thereby simplifying IT processes. Dell Encryption Enterprise also enables data protection with flexibility through multi-key encryption.

Use Dell Encryption Enterprise

  • To protect data at rest within an organization
  • When you want file and folder encryption with military grade protection that won’t slow employees down
  • To meet compliance with a single integrated console
  • To manage Microsoft BitLocker Drive Encryption with enterprise level management, auditing and reporting capabilities


FeaturesDell Encryption PersonalDell Endpoint Security Suite EnterpriseDell Data GuardianDell Encryption Enterprise

Designed to detect and respond to virus and malware on a system

Protects against ransomware attacks that encrypt data on endpoints and demand a ransom payment

Protects against sypware including adware, PUPs, Trojans, keyloggers, rootkits that attempt data theft and slow down system performance
Data protection at rest 

Enables you to protect your data that resides on endpoints and prevents unauthorized access
Data protection in motion

Enables you to protect data traveling over a private network such as a corporate LAN or the internet (a public or untrusted network
Data protection in use

Enables you to protect active data stored in a non-persistent digital state (RAM, CPU cache or CPU registers)
Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Access control technologies that are used to restrict usage of sensitive corporate data
Offline Protection

Protects the endpoint even when disconnected from the internet
Next-gen AV

Centralized management


Management of software using a centralized console

Server management





Licensing model





ProSupport for software


Platform/OS support
Platforms supportedWindows Clients (Windows 7, 8.X and 10) and Server (2008R2 and 2012/ 2012R2, 2016), Windows Embedded 7Windows Clients (Windows 7, 8.X and 10) and Server (2008R2 and 2012/ 2012R2, 2016), macOS (10.12 and above)Windows Clients (Windows 7, 8.1 and 10), macOS (10.12 and above), iOS (8 and above), Android (4.4 and above)Windows Clients (Windows 7, 8.X and 10) and Server (2008R2 and 2012/ 2012R2, 2016), macOS (10.10 and above)