Interviewing at Dell

Get ready to shine.

Your big day is just around the corner. Your qualifications are a match to our needs and your well-structured and detailed resume is impressive. Now it’s time for us to meet up and discuss the position and what you can bring to the role. Through a conversation with you, we’re striving to learn if you’re a good match for the company. And that’s a little bit of everything: how you’ll fit in with your team, whether you identify with our values and where you see yourself professionally now and in the future. There’s a lot for us to talk about, and don’t forget that this is your chance to interview Dell, too.

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Our competency-based philosophy

At Dell, we believe that a candidate’s recent past experience is the best indicator of future success. So, we design our interviews as a conversation, focusing on your experience and how it relates to the opportunity at Dell.

Our competency-based interview questions are designed to elicit responses from candidates, which give details about the work they have done, the way they have completed that work and the environment in which they worked.

Here’s what to expect when interviewing with Dell.

  • Step 1: Telephone screening conducted by a recruiter
    • The recruiter gathers basic information such as work history and salary requirements.
  • Step 2: Technical/functional interview with subject-matter expert
    • We ask specific competency-based interview questions here to determine an applicant’s technical/functional expertise.
    • The interview is generally conducted by a subject-matter expert in the field, for example, product marketer for a product marketing role or treasury expert for a finance/treasury role.
  • Step 3: On-site/team interview with leaders and peers
    • Conducted in a series of one-on-one meetings or in a panel interview setting.
    • At this stage, we ask competency-based questions to measure the candidate’s overall fit with the team and company.
    • It is vital that a candidate be a fit for Dell’s core competencies:
      • Engage…
        • Customer first: act with the customer in mind.
        • Personal effectiveness: listen, take ownership, be a role model, grow and learn.
        • Engage others: provide direction, development and inspiration.
      • Execute…
        • Inclusive: think globally, value diversity, collaborate and consider the impact.
        • Decided: be courageous, contribute, provide/solicit input and take action.
        • Simplify: focus on what matters most, streamline workflows and strive to be effective.
      • Excel…
        • Drive strategy: know the business, look ahead and plan for the future.
        • Innovate: be creative, take smart risks and continuously improve.
  • Step 4: Final interview conducted by the hiring manager or director
    • This also includes competency-based interview questions and ensures that all candidate questions are answered.

Ultimately, we’re always seeking out the right person for the position, and we invest time and resources in making the best choice.

Tips for your Dell interview

Even though Dell has a very structured approach to our interviews, no two interviews are the same. Nor is there a magic formula for acing the interview. There are, however, a few basic tips that can help you better communicate with your interviewer. Study up, apply your knowledge and you’ll definitely wow us.

Complete the application prior to starting the interview process

This helps us streamline the entire process. All of your current information is in one place. It simplifies things, and, as an added bonus, organizational skills are very impressive.

Double-check that all your information is complete and accurate

Misinformation can derail a promising application. So, go back to your resume and profile one more time to scan for typos and update your contact information. Always be truthful about the skills, abilities and experiences you present on your resume.

Speak clearly and audibly

We know you’re nervous, but try to relax. Speak a little louder and more slowly than normal — but not so slow that we think you’re a robot.

Make eye contact

Nothing says you’re engaged with the person in front of you more than making eye contact. It communicates respect for the speaker and is a strong display of candidate confidence. Keep it natural, though — you don’t want to stare your interviewer down.

Take a moment for composure

A few moments of silence after you’ve been asked a challenging question is more than OK. It’s expected. It shows you’re taking the time to think and compose a response that directly addresses the question.

Present concrete examples of your capabilities

Stay away from responses that require abstract explanations. Focus instead on providing concrete examples of relevant professional experiences you’ve had and the results yielded from your influence or actions.

Avoid unrelated topics

The golden rule of interviewing is to stay on track. Don’t meander with your answers. Be specific. And only bring in additional information if it’s relevant to the question and your ability to do the job.

Prepare a few questions

There is always time in each interview for the candidate to ask questions. And whether you have questions often directly indicates your level of interest in the position. So, take the time to formulate a few questions about the specific position, the company or the experience of working at Dell.

Dell Bracknell Office

Dell office is located at Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1LF

By car

Main Gate: If the barrier is down, please use the Dell intercom at the gate to alert security. Dell House is on your right with visitors parking at the front

M4 By Road — Turn off the M4 at Junction 10 and follow the A329 (M) dual carriageway towards Bracknell. Take the first Exit towards Bracknell and at the Coppid Beech Roundabout, turn left. At the Coppid Beech Hotel, turn right. At the 3rd roundabout, turn right into Bracknell Boulevard (opposite 3M).

M3 By Road — Turn off the M3 at Junction 3 and follow the A322 dual carriageway towards Bracknell. At Twin Bridges roundabout, turn right and proceed under the bridge, before turning immediate left into Easthamstead Road, then left onto Western Road. For Dell House, continue to the roundabout, and turn left onto Cain Road, proceed over one roundabout then turn left at the second into Bracknell Boulevard.

Coming from Heathrow airport will take around 30 minutes in a taxi. 

Dell Edinburgh Office

Dell Secureworks is located at Abbey House, 83 Princes St, EH2 2ER, 2nd Floor

If you are travelling by train to the Dell Secureworks Office, alight at Edinburgh Waverley Station. You can walk which will take you less than 5 minutes.

If traveling by car, follow the signs for City Centre, North Bridge and access the office is via Rose Street, there is only 1 parking space which must be booked in advance.

Dell Glasgow Office

Dell office is located at City Park, 368 Alexandria Parade, Glasgow, G31 3AU On the 2nd Floor.

If you are travelling by train to the Dell Office (Glasgow Central Train Station) you can get a taxi which will take around 5 minutes from city centre. If you are to walk it will take 15–20 minutes going via George Square and past the Royal Infirmary Hospital.

If traveling by car, access the office by going via the M8 motorway and exit via junction 15.

You can use the visitor’s car park as you enter City Park and report to the main reception and sign in as a visitor and register your car registration. To enter the Dell site proceed to the 2nd floor going via the first exit on the right beyond the reception. 

Dell London Office

Dell office is located at 180 Oxford Street, London W1D 1EA — 4th Floor.

The Dell office is centrally located in London and is easy to access via all main transports. You can get various buses to Oxford Street and then a short walk 5–10 minutes to arrive at the office. You enter the Dell office via Great Titchfield Street.

If travelling by the tube you are looking for your final stop to be Oxford Circus Line.

Dell Nottingham Office

Dell office is located at 1 Oakwood Court, Sherwood Park, Nottingham, NG15 ODR

By car: Sherwood Park is just off the M1 Junction 27. After exiting the M1 follow signs for A608 towards Mansfield and turn left at the 2nd round about into Sherwood Park. Continue to the T junction and turn right into Little Oak Drive then take the next right into Oakwood Court.

By bus: There are various bus services from Manchester, Sheffield and Derby into Nottingham and from there you can get a local taxi to Oakwood Court 10–15 minutes.