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The Dell Threat Defense and MozyPro bundle helps stop 99% of ransomware from infecting endpoints and provides easy data restore functionality in the event of an attack.datamozy

Dell Threat Defense Customers Protected From Known Variants of WannaCry Ransomware

The largest ransomware attack ever, WannaCry, hit systems on Friday, 5.12.2017 and within 3 days affected more than 200,000 endpoints across 150 countries.
Forms of ransomware, including WannaCry encrypt your data post infection and hold it to ransom. This attack used an existing Microsoft vulnerability, EternalBlue to spread the malware.

Dell Threat Defense, powered by Cylance, prevents all known samples of the WannaCry ransomware.


                                                                                Dell Threat Defense: Malware Prevention for your Small Business
datasecurityWhat is Threat Defense?
• Preventative solution to protect your small business from targeted data threats
• More effective versus the traditional signature-based anti-virus solutions
• Lightweight and easy to set up
• Includes a cloud-based management console
Threat Defense helps you:
• Stop 99% of executable malware with artificial intelligence technology
• Seamlessly contain, detect, and prevent the spread of malware by handling at-risk files in a virtualized, contained environment
• Secure a wide range of endpoints including thin clients

                                                                                 MozyPro : Cloud Backup & Recovery for your Small Business

What is MozyPro ?
• Cloud-based backup, sync and recovery software
• Protects small businesses against natural disaster, malware attack, hardware failure, data loss from user error
• Gives you the power to immediately recover your data

MozyPro helps you:
• Implement a comprehensive cloud-based storage solution
• Reduce the need for additional storage hardware
• Reduce IT complexity
• Meet reporting requirements



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