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Power Your Small Business with Dell Technology

With entrepreneurs as the foundation for innovation, economic growth and job creation, Dell is committed to empowering entrepreneurs around the world by providing them with the tools, technology and resources they need to be successful. Founded by an iconic entrepreneur, with an organizational structure that embraces the entrepreneurial spirit, Dell is uniquely placed to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by growing businesses.

Power Your Small Business with Dell Technology Better + Further + Faster + Stronger

What small businesses can do to increase productivity.
Mastering Productivity Mastering Productivity

See how startup founders stay at the top of their game with Dell technology .

Industry-Leading Security

Stress less about data security.

  • Only Dell offers comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication, and leading-edge malware prevention from a single source. That way you get robust, centralized data security.
  • Highest-level FIPS certification and encryption to protect your intellectual property and data against security breaches, which helps you save time and money.
  • Only Dell Data Protection|Encryption protects data on the device, as well as external media, self-encrypting drives, and in public cloud storage all from a single solution suite so you get a secure network from every touchpoint.

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  • World's Most Manageable PCs

    Time is money. Save on both.
  • The world’s most manageable PCs with Dell-unique vPro™ extensions let you update BIOS even when systems are powered down.
  • With Dell’s simple and easy to use systems management tools, optimized with best-in-class integration of Microsoft Systems Center 2012 & Dell KACE, you can make the most of your resources with less technician time invested.
  • Only Dell offers five generations of full support over the depreciated lifetime of laptops.

  • Dell devices offer unmatched reliability with the performance you need and the support you can count on.
    • Full suite of services & support to resolve and prevent issues with minimal effort.
    • Higher standards for quality testing
    • Designed for improved performance, reliability and usability

    What is ProSupport Plus?     What is ProSupport Plus?
    Reliable 24/7 support designed to keep your business running smoothly now and into the future.
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    Dell Advantage eBrochureDell Advantage eBrochure
    We are recognized as a leader in our markets. See how is Dell different ?
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    Mobile - Bring Your Own Device SolutionsMobile - Bring Your Own Device Solutions
    Maximize mobile efficiency and productivity. Tools for employee success on the go.
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    TBRDell notebooks are the most reliable according to Customer Satisfaction Research
    In Quarterly Customer Satisfaction Study, Technology Business Research Inc. (TBR) measures the satisfaction and loyalty of enterprise customers.

    The Evolving Workforce

    If you own or work for a small business you already know that the workforce is getting younger and that using the latest technology is paramount to your company’s success. Explore these trends in the whitepaper The Future of the Workforce.

    • 59% of millennials report state-of-the-art tech is important when considering a job*
    • Workers want technology that’s fast, simple, and mobile-friendly
    • Millennials don’t separate work and life, so flexibility at work matters
    • Employers who offer flexibility are highly attractive to today’s workers
    • Tech helps employers communicate and coordinate with remote workers
    • Rewards at work should be tailored to what will motivate the individual

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    Is your business ready for your first server?

    Find out the benefits a server can provide. If you are seeing problems with resource sharing, lost data due to viruses or spyware, or intermittent Internet problems, a server could help your small business perform better.  


    Don’t feel unsecure: Data security is vital for your organization’s success

    Security is a top concern for most businesses and organizations. Discover how enabling a modern workforce, while adopting a comprehensive security approach will increase productivity and reduce costs in the workplace

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    The only two things that really matter in mobile

    Customers understand the value mobility can bring to their organizations, but many struggle to get out of the reactive mode of adding more devices or apps at the workforce. Instead, creating a purposeful mobility strategy can truly enable employees to be more productive and make better decisions. Successful future-ready organizations build their mobility strategy around two foundational elements: people and data.

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