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Today, you have to store data that is easy to retrieve and can rapidly expand. That’s why we are continually enhancing Dell storage products to provide the workload-optimized storage solutions you require.

Coming soon — new offerings that are the result of ongoing development to improve performance, scalability and efficiency.

Performance — Optimize your platform for high-speed block and file storage and achieve superb performance with exceptionally low total cost of ownership (TCO).
Scalability — Only purchase the performance and capacity you need today, and then expand either or both without disruption or platform replacement to meet your evolving needs.
Efficiency — Automatically keep your busiest data on high-performance drives while moving low-priority data to dense, low-cost storage.

Compellent Storage Center v6.4Dell Compellent Storage Center v6.4

SC 6.4 powers advanced Dell Compellent products. Features include:

• Performance optimized for database applications such as Oracle, SQL and Meditech
• Data Progression that supports tiering across write-intensive single-level cell (SLC) and read-intensive multilevel cell (MLC) solid-state drives (SSDs)
• Minimized write latencies for performance-sensitive applications
• Support for new Dell Compellent hardware and FS8600 network attached storage (NAS) appliance with Dell Fluid File System v3 (FluidFS v3)
• Enhanced VMware integration

Dell Compellent flash-optimized solution

The Dell Compellent flash-optimized solution is performance tuned for the low-latency, high-input/output operations per second (IOPS) requirements of enterprise database, online transaction processing (OLTP) and data-intensive workloads. By automatically tiering data across write-intensive SLC and read-intensive MLC SSDs, Dell Compellent flash-optimized solution can reduce costs up to 75 percent compared to other flash-optimized solutions.* Dell Compellent can also achieve greater than 100K IOPS with sub-millisecond latency when running OLTP workloads.*

The Dell Compellent flash-optimized solution features:
• Both write-intensive and read-intensive SSDs in a single solution
• Minimized write latencies for performance-sensitive applications
• Flash-optimized tiering
Compellent Flash-optimized solution

Compellent SC280 Dense EnclosureDell Compellent SC280 Dense Enclosure

The Dell Compellent SC280 offers the best rack-unit density of any major storage solution. It is optimized for extreme density in a small footprint, offering excellent bulk-storage functionality for large-enterprise environments. The SC280 features:

• Up to 84x 4TB* drives in a single 5U enclosure
• Up to 67.2TB* of raw capacity per installed enclosure RU
• Up to 2PB,* raw capacity per 48U rack

Dell Compellent FS8600 NAS with FluidFS v3

The Dell Compellent FS8600 NAS appliance for file storage with enhanced Dell FluidFS v3 features:

• Scale-out performance and capacity
• Fluid Data Reduction for policy-based deduplication and compression
• Support for up to 2PB* in a single namespace, approximately 2x increase over the 1PB namespace supported previously*
• Simplified management
• 10 Gb iSCSI connectivity
• Configuration flexibility, including connectivity, back-end storage array and drive combinations
Compellent FS8600 NAS with FluidFS v3

Now available: EqualLogic SAN Headquarters 2.6 with SupportAssist
SAN Headquarters (SAN HQ 2.6) brings you enhanced RAID Reliability Reporting and support for Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 and Windows 8 operating system. SAN HQ 2.6 also marks the beginning of Dell’s implementation of SupportAssist for EqualLogic, designed to proactively collect data and detect failures in your EqualLogic storage infrastructure. When enabled by your storage administrator, system log and diagnostic data will be transmitted to Dell Support to help accelerate issue detection and streamline resolution. Now, SAN HQ working with SupportAssist can enable certain types of support cases to be opened automatically. For these cases, Dell Support will proactively begin working the issue and notify you that a case has been opened.