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Integrated solutions to meet your back-office requirements

• Help reduce downtime with servers that use redundant power and cooling systems,
  and easy toolless access to vital components.
• Help reduce complexity with modular design, color-coded components and cabling.
• Manage costs with the right form factor and match performance to the task with tower or rack servers.

Small businesses need to provide employees with:
• Networked file and print sharing
• Centralized storage and security of files
• Mobile user access to company data
• Admin access to employee PCs
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Benefits of Dell server solutions include:
• Effective information sharing
• Greater data security
• Centralized backup and remote access
• Overall improved employee efficiency
PowerEdge T110 II Entry Server Solution   Great For
Businesses with multiple (peer-to-peer)
client/notebook/remote users and that
need to establish greater control over critical
information, centralized file sharing, print services,
and/or require remote access to data.
PowerEdge T110 II
First Server Solution

Ideal first server for a small business with
the right combination of value, reliability,
collaboration and data protection.

• Intel® Xeon® E3-1220v2 processor
• 8GB Memory
• Two 500GB hard drives
• Pre-Installed with Windows Server® 2012

Customize & Buy  
PowerEdge T320 PowerEdge T420 

Great For

For small and medium
businesses requiring
dedicated database
servers to run demanding
business applications.
Include a high-capacity
direct attach storage for
maximum data backup,
expansion an security.

PowerEdge T320
Enhanced Server Solution
 PowerEdge T420
Performance Server Solution
Powerful, single-processor server
Ideal for small businesses needing:
Email solution, internet
connectivity, internal websites,
remote access, support for
mobile devices, file and printer
sharing, backup and restore
 Designed to address the broad
needs of a growing business and
provide "headroom" to accommodate
future growth. Provides all the
benefits of the T320 plus room to
add a second processor.
• Intel® Xeon® E5-2420
• 8GB Memory
• Two 500GB hard drives
• Windows Server® 2012
• 3 year ProSupport warranty
 • Intel® Xeon® E5-2420 processor
• 8GB Memory
• Two 500GB hard drives
• Windows Server® 2012 Standard
• 3 year ProSupport warranty

Customize & Buy

Customize & Buy
PowerEdge R320

Great For

Businesses using third-party hosts that
now need greater control over their
content and increased ability to
customize their site and to improve
their web presence.

PowerEdge R320
Is your website getting more than 5,000 hits a day?
The R320 is great for more demanding SMB web
server workload, allowing you to handle more users
simultaneously and host dynamic content. Handles
over 13,000 web requests per second and achieves
over 1.6 times better performance than the
PowerEdge T110 II.
• Intel® Xeon® E5-2407 processor
• 8GB memory
• 500GB hard drive
• 3yr Basic hardware Warranty

Customize & Buy
PowerEdge T620
PowerEdge T620
Customize & Buy
PowerEdge R720
PowerEdge R720
Customize & Buy

Great For

Small to midsize businesses that require increased user
productivity, energy and space-efficient infrastructure,
and more high-availability and disaster-recovery features.

Call your representative to get one of the following
customized for your needs, 1-877-220-3355.
• Exchange Server
• Virtualization

Network Diagram

Network Diagram

See how Dell server, storage and netowrking products can maximize your business's productivity.

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