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Remote Workstation Connection Software- Teradici PCoIP

Your work isn’t confined to your office, so neither should the power and capability of your Precision tower and rack workstation. Boost productivity for your mobile workforce with the Teradici PCoIP® remote workstation solution. Seamlessly and securely access any tower or rack Precision workstation from any PCoIP compatible end-point PC or 64-bit tablet and remotely run your complex applications.

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  • Teradici PCoIP® workstation remote access software
  • Teradici PCoIP® workstation remote access host card
  • Teradici PCoIP® workstation remote access host card with quad display support
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Teradici PCoIP® workstation remote access software

Run complex CAD applications from anywhere you need to be. The PCoIP workstation remote access software allows any PCoIP enabled endpoint, PC or tablet, to connect to your Precision tower and rack workstation to view, edit and get work done. The remote access software-based solution only transmits (host rendered) encrypted pixels, not data, which remains securely stored on your workstation – ensuring protection of your intellectual property.

The Teradici PCoIP remote access software is compatible with all Precision tower and rack workstations.The download package available from Dell includes a quick start guide, PCoIP Workstation Access Software for your Precision workstation and PCoIP Software Client for your Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit), OS X endpoint device, and Mobile Clients (iOS and Android).

Platforms supported:

Teradici PCoIP® workstation remote access host card

Optimized for ultra-screen responsiveness, the PCoIP workstation remote access card provides a secure, phenomenal user experience by delivering 250 Megapixels per Second (MPPS) with a refresh rate of up to 60 fps.

The PCoIP remote access host cards are perfect for engineers and creative professionals working with high end 3D graphics applications, video editing, multi-monitor set ups or Linux support. They are ideal for those who work in media and entertainment, financial services, higher education, Geospatial Intelligence/GSI, oil and gas, engineering and manufacturing.

Platforms supported:


Wyse 5000 and 7000 series PCoIP Zero Client

Wyse PCoIP Zero Client (In English) works with the PCoIP workstation remote access cards, to provide an outstanding experience for users requiring full time remote access to the full power of a Precision tower or rack workstation. The combination PCoIP hardware host card and hardware based Wyse Zero clients delivers an uncompromised user experience.

For maximum performance, deploy the Precision Rack 7910 as a 1:1 Workstation solution using the optional Wyse P25 and P45 Zero clients. This solution uses Teradici Tera 2 hardware-based compression and the PCoIP protocol for remote connectivity, providing a superb, responsive Workstation experience.

PCoIP Software Encoding:
  • Optimized for WAN access
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Maintain local workstation while enabling remote access and BYOD support
  • Compatible with virtualized workstation deployment
  • Windows OS support only
  • Up to 30 fps
Flexible Remote Workstation Access:
  • Teradici PCoIP client software
  • PCoIP Software Client for Mac and Windows OS, compatible with Host card and PCoIP Workstation Access Software
  • Supports BYOD strategy
  • Available in Dell Digital Locker upon purchase of Teradici PCoIP Workstation Access Software

PCoIP Hardware Encoding Bare Metal or Virtualized:
  • Best user experience over LAN
  • No CPU overhead
  • Full-fidelity experience
  • Remote power management
  • Linux and Windows support
  • Encoding capabilities of up to 250 MPPS
  • Refresh rates of up to 60 fps
High Performance, Secure Zero Client:
  • Ultra secure and easy to manage
  • Up to 250 MPPS (Mega Pixels Per Second)
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