Consider the cost of doing nothing

Consider the cost of doing nothing.
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Refresh your hardware and transform your business.

Every PC older than 4 years can cost you more than $1,700 a year in maintenance, repairs and lost productivity compared to a new Windows device,* and leave you open to cyberattacks and data breaches that affect more than 50% of small businesses.*

New Windows 10 Pro devices with 7th and 8th generation Intel® vPro™ processors help you stay protected and productive on the go, with up to 25% more time efficiency,* up to a 28% faster startup on average compared to Windows 7* and a battery that lasts up to 3x longer* than an older Windows device.

Built for Business - Windows 10 Pro devices

 Microsoft Win 10 Pro Campaign Landing Page Microsoft Win 10 Pro Campaign Landing Page Microsoft Win 10 Pro Campaign Landing Page
Vostro 15 5000
15" laptop ideal for small business
productivity with a backlit keyboard, numeric
keypad and security options.

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 Latitude 5590
15.6" laptop built for ultimate productivity and performance, featuring top of the line security features and flexible docking options.

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Latitude 7490
14" laptop featuring industry-leading security, manageability and reliability.

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See more secure and productive business PCs. 

Microsoft Win 10 Pro Campaign Landing PageMicrosoft Win 10 Pro Campaign Landing PageMicrosoft Win 10 Pro Campaign Landing Page
Get more done.
Keep working on the go with an up to 28% faster* startup and battery that lasts up to 3x longer.* Save time by working in any way that’s most natural for you: from touch to pen to voice.* Your older devices can’t do that.
Protect what you've built.
More than 50% of small businesses have suffered a data breach or cyberattack,* with costs averaging more than US $84,000 per breach.* Windows 10 Pro has built-in defenses against modern security threats and always up-to-date* protections for your information and device, no matter where you or your team go.
Enjoy simple, flexible management.
IT administrators estimate a 20% reduction in IT management time with Windows 10 Pro.* Your team can choose the device that fits them best, set it up on their own, and sign in once for Microsoft services and many apps. Plus, you can keep using many of your current apps and peripherals with Windows 10 Pro. 



The power of Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors on Windows 10 Pro devices


Having a solid foundation for performance is essential. Intel’s latest processors are engineered to help ensure compatibility with leading Windows 10 applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, so you can modernize workflows efficiently. 

 Microsoft Win 10 Pro Campaign Landing Page
They also provide up to 2.1 times faster multitasking for seamless performance when working with applications simultaneously.* * For real mobility, the latest Intel® processors extend full desktop power, application functionality and control to new devices without compromise.

Powerful productivity
Compared to 4-year-old devices, today’s performance is already leaps and bounds ahead, providing up to 80 percent better productivity with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors.* *

Discover the advantage of Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 helps you do your best work—anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Keep your small business on task and efficient with smart productivity features to help you do great work. With access to your docs in the cloud whenever you need them, your team will stay on task and on the same page—to share, present and work together with simplified, built-in collaboration tools..

Choose the Office that's right for you
 Microsoft Win 10 Pro Campaign Landing Page

Help your business save time and money with Windows 10 Pro.

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