Help Me Choose: Embedded Systems Management for 14G

iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller

An integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller is embedded within every Dell EMC PowerEdge™ server. It provides functionality that helps IT administrators deploy, update, monitor, and maintain Dell servers. When utilizing iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller, it is not necessary to also install the OpenManage Server Administrator software agent. Each iDRAC9 comes with a basic level of functionality. Optional Enterprise and Express levels of licensing offer more advanced capabilities and are available to best fit a customer’s desired level of management functionality. Additionally, an option flash memory card (vFlash) is available with the Enterprise level license. This 16GB micro-SD card is internal to the system and can be used for local configuration storage.

Server Configuration Management via OpenManage Essentials

This feature provides highly automated bare-metal deployment, quick and consistent replication of server configurations, and an automated maintenance process that helps ensure server configurations remain in compliance with a customer’s pre-defined baseline settings. OpenManage Essentials (a free download) with the SCM option enabled uses standardized templates and processes to easily, accurately and rapidly replicate server configurations and OS deployments, reducing the possibility of errors and ensuring server availability. Server configuration can be done as a single process –even before the server is ever turned on – to speed time to productivity. Note, OM Essentials Server Configuration Management is only available in conjunction with iDRAC Enterprise or Express licensing.